Vincent Darré To Auction Off Design Collection In Paris

Nov 22, 2016

Always wanted an invitation to Vincent Darré’s home? Then head to the Paris auction house Piasa, where the contents of his imaginative, plush Paris home are being restaged throughout the second floor viewing rooms on 23rd November, 2016.

The auction consists of notable Maison Darré designs such as his 'Conversation' armchairs (both with their ‘heads’ and ‘guillotined’), the Calder-inspired mobile lacquered tables, the 'Ossobucco' bone-legged series, and the rose gilded 'Colonne-Ecrevisse' upright shrimp cabinet are all up for grabs.

The exhibition further reinforces the inseparable overlap between his public-facing and private domains.

Although artistically driven, the man believes in practicality as he mentions that being connected to “objects” only keeps you “in the past”.

Prospective buyers, meanwhile, need not be reminded of the provenance factor – that the pieces belonged to someone who embodies unparalleled Parisian flair. Darré remains modest on this count, except to offer that many of his designs are ‘the last of their kind’ and that the catalog ‘gives some meaning to my career’.

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