Matthew Simmonds carves historic architecture in stone sculptures

Mar 13, 2019

Matthew Simmonds has reportedly carved doric columns, arches and vaulted ceilings from stone one
of his recent works. Each piece has been intricately hand carved into a single block of marble or
limestone, and designed to evoke the feeling of a larger space. His sculptures measure from 30 cm to
50 cm in height and are crafted individual slab of stone. In his first sculpture, Hidden Landscape,
Simmonds had carved a square cut piece of stone. However, his most complex piece, Windows, took
him nearly eight months. The piece features a series of panels containing a variety of different
sculptural forms. While most of Simmonds' sculptures are informed by basilicas, churches and
cathedrals, he has also studied traditional architecture from a number of different cultures and eras.

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