ODA unveils plans for renovation of Rotterdam's post office

Feb 12, 2019

ODA has reportedly unveiled its plans for renovating Rotterdam's former post office. Its construction will include a 150-m high tower and will transform the 58,000-sq-m building. The New York-based ODA will be reportedly collaborating with Dutch practice Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau. The firms aims is to maintain and enhance the post office's original construction that dates back to 1916, and include a 22.5-metre-high vaulted Great Hall.A 43-storey tower is expected to be built within an internal courtyard within the former post office building, which will be elevated above the existing courtyard on a vaulted plinth, thus ensuring the space is still useable. The tower is also expected to comprise of a hotel, which will be connected to upper floors surrounding the Great Hall, alongside private residences.


For more: www.oda-architecture.com




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