Shubin Donaldson creates three-storey house for industrial designer

Feb 08, 2019

Shubin Donaldson has reportedly created a family home Skyline Residence in California for an industrial designer. The three-storey house is stacked volumes made of steel, concrete, wood and glass with setbacks and cantilevers. The facades consist of large stretches of glass and ipe wooden screens in order to help reduce solar heat gain. Also, the structural frame is made of concrete and steel, while the exterior material palette is carried indoors. Rooms feature concrete flooring, metal columns and Douglas fir plywood ceiling panels. In most areas, the concrete walls are left exposed. Spread across 2,600 sq ft, the place comprises of a living room and kitchen on the top floor, while the second floor is occupied by bedrooms and a living room that opens onto a terrace. The ground level consists of a den, laundry room, garage and storage space.

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