Urbnarc designs luxury resort on the theme of backwaters

May 14, 2019

Urbnarc has designed Adira Resort in Kerala. The resort, originating from existing landscape environment, is planned around the theme of backwaters. The original island was made of dykes and levees for rice cultivation. The architect has created this luxurious property taking inspiration from a painting by Roberto Burle Marx, a Brazilian landscape designer. The team worked on the plan to bespoke destination and the entire resort has been designed to be accessible by water, keeping the existing waterway framework of the property. The water channels within the resort enhances the backwater experience in the region and allows for water based connectivity. Spread across 7,000 sq m land area, the resort also includes a spa within a water garden. The bespoke arrival experience involves guest arriving on customised traditional kerala houseboats while getting a flavor of the local fishing culture and the magical back-water landscape


For more: www.urbnarc.com


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