Vincent Callebaut proposes to transform Notre-Dame into an eco-friendly building

May 14, 2019

Architect Vincent Callebaut reportedly wants to give Notre-Dame Cathedral a new roof that generates energy and contains an aquaponic farm. The Paris-based architect has proposed to transform the historic cathedral into an eco-friendly building, generating more energy than it consumes, while producing 21 tonne of fruits and vegetables a year. It is also expected to give the gothic structure a new face for the 21st century. The concept proposed by the architect includes a roof built from cross-laminated timber (CLT) beams pre-stressed with carbon-fibre slats, with a tall spire rising at the crossing. In between the timber beams, crystal-shaped glass elements would contain a living layer made from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, able to absorb light and transform it into power. Right under the roof, an urban farm would be set up and could be used to grow food that could be distributed across Paris.

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