Wienerberger India launches Koramic roof system components to suit India’s weather condition

Apr 15, 2019

Wienerberger India has launched a complete set of roof protection accessories, Koramic Roof System Components (KRSC). The accessories include roofing underlays, insulating materialand other accessories. The components offer complete protection from heat and moisture, and long-lasting products that give continuous protection from water leakage at all vulnerable areas of the roof. These roofing systems are quick and easy to install and have roofed more than 1,500 households across South India.


The Koramic Roof Systems Components include:

  • PREMIUM REFLEX/Barrier ALU: Roofing underlays that provides waterproofing and insulation.

  • KORAFLEX: Flashing tapes that protects the abutments.

  • KORAROLL: For under ridge protection from moisture and avoid mortar bedding below ridges.

  • VALLEY SHEETS: For waterproofing in valley areas.

  • TILES Clips: For wind protection and prevents tiles upliftment in storm and cyclones.


Wienerberger’s Koramic & Tondach tile solutions are genuine terracotta tiles that come in a wide range of profiles, finishes and colours that give the architect enough design flexibility. The solution also offers the best protection for houses against weather and wet conditions. They are durable, energy-efficient and colour that does not fade over time.


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