David Baker Architects creates a housing block in San Francisco

Feb 15, 2019

A housing block in San Francisco comprising a pair of buildings covered in contrasting white cement and black tiles and micro-apartments inside has been reportedly completed by American studio David Baker Architects. Of the 69 total units, 35 are studios encompassing 325 sq ft, while the remaining apartments contain one or two bedrooms, ranging from 485-743 sq ft. The interiors include wooden floors, white walls and monochrome kitchen cabinetry. The six-storey complex also features a courtyard, concrete benches and perforated screens made of weathering steel. A metal bridge cuts across the outdoor space, spanning a bioswale that helps manage stormwater by removing debris and pollution. It also includes amenities such as residents' lounge and a rooftop deck.

Espen Surnevik replaces VĂĄler Kirke church with timber roof

Feb 15, 2019

Espen Surnevik has reportedly replaced the Våler Kirke church with timber roof. The church was lost to fire. Oslo-based architecture Espen Surnevik designed Våler Kirke’s floorplan in four quadrants with oriel openings on the north, south, east and west facades. Reach a height of 12 m and 24 mn, the two main spaces are defined externally by pyramid roofs. The roof structures are topped with openings that allow daylight to flood into the worship spaces. The openings appear as simple vertical slots when viewed from outside. The building is reportedly clad externally in boards of heartwood pine, which is a wood commonly used in local construction, while the interior spaces are wrapped in pale birch plywood that helps to enhance the sense of space and lightness generated by the soaring ceilings.


For more: www.espensurnevik.no

Walmart launches online furniture brand MoDRN

Feb 14, 2019

In order to enhance its modern aesthetic to its customers, Walmart has reportedly launched an exclusive online furniture brand MoDRN. The online furniture brand is expected to be grouped in three collections, namely Retro Glam, Refined Industrial and Scandinavian Minimal. The collection will reportedly feature high-end materials like velvet and leather upholstery fabrics, Carrara marble table tops, native and exotic veneers, hand-brushed metal and brass accents, and solid wood features in white oak and walnut. MoDRN will be available through Walmart.com’s home section as well as on Jet.com and Hayneedle.com. The medium is expected to help customers in making choice easier.


For more: www.walmart.com


LUO Studio reuses timber struts for creating Luotuowan Pergola

Feb 14, 2019

LUO Studio has reportedly made Luotuowan Pergola's undulating geodesic canopy from wooden beams. The Chinese architecture firm has made the use of timber struts. Instead of opting for the original plan of using steel-and-timber truss structure, which would have involved transporting materials from distant suppliers to the site and necessitated a specialist construction team, the architecture firm has reportedly made use of the village's discarded timber. Its framework provides optimal stability whilst achieving a column-free covered space, with the structure anchored in the existing wall and a row of concrete pillars on the opposite side of a path.The triangulated framework is being held by a custom-welded metal fixings and steel tensioning cables.


Studio 512 creates concrete chapel in Texas

Feb 13, 2019

A concrete chapel in Texas has been reportedly created by Architecture firm Studio 512. Being part of the Kindred Oaks wedding venue, the chapel is situated on the 11-acre property with oak tress. The alter resides in the tall sculptural component of the chapel. The building has concrete walls that are skim-coated with stucco. Its south side is pulled upward to form a soaring triangular volume, thus giving a traditional church steeple. At the back of the alter is a glass door that gives guests the option to walk through this threshold down to the oak tree at the end of the ceremony. The chapel seats up to 30 seats and large pivot doors can be opened up to enable additional seating outside. The chapel's concrete floor is gently sloped, helping ensure that guests sitting in the rear can observe the ceremony.

Olivier Vadrot designs geometric sculptural playground

Feb 13, 2019

An open-air playground of geometric structures has been reportedly created by French designer Olivier Vadrot in the northeastern suburbs of Paris. Featuring three elements, namely the Ventriloquist's Throne, the Pink Cockpit and the Council Seats, Conversations aims to offer a special space for children to exchange ideas, tell stories and play. Conversation comprises of symbolic shapes of the pieces such as a throne, a cockpit and a council of the wises. Ventriloquist's Throne consists of a double seat divided by a tall, cocooning structure with elevated sides, while the Pink Cockpit features a large, cone-shaped body with three recessed, arch-shaped seats that are connected by four holes for children to peer through and communicate. The Council Seats features ten cylindrical stools of various sizes arranged in a circle around an imaginary fire.


For more: www.vadrot.com


Austin Maynard Architects creates a circular beach house in Australian

Feb 13, 2019

Austin Maynard Architects has reportedly created a cylindrical St Andrews Beach House in Victoria, Australia. The modest building draws its references from the bachs of New Zealand, small beach houses or shacks typically constructed from affordable or recycled materials. The house is a two-story building and is surrounded by wild bush, dunes and scrubland that extend all the way to the foreshore. The property has timber portal frames, and chunky wood and exposed fixings contribute to an aesthetic look. The ground floor of the house contains a kitchen, living and dining area, as well as a bathroom and laundry. Into the the interior space a deck is carved, thus becoming an open-air terrace. On the upper level is the bathroom zone. The circular house features a palette of wood and metal.


For more: www.maynardarchitects.com

Pauline Deltour creates Rope Rug for Hem

Feb 12, 2019

Made from rope using traditional weaving techniques, Hem will be reportedly presenting a rug by French designer Pauline Deltour. Deltour has designed the Rope Rug as a contemporary take on traditional carpet crafts. The collection combines familiar weaving methods with unexpected materials. Its designs are reportedly produced in India, while the durable design is fixed with a subtle vertical thread and is available in four colourways.Available in three sizes, including a runner, the rugs feature individually dyed ropes that are designed to be colour-fast to make cleaning simple. The colourways are called Terracotta, Seaweed, Salt & Pepper and Night Blue.

For more: www.paulinedeltour.com

ODA unveils plans for renovation of Rotterdam's post office

Feb 12, 2019

ODA has reportedly unveiled its plans for renovating Rotterdam's former post office. Its construction will include a 150-m high tower and will transform the 58,000-sq-m building. The New York-based ODA will be reportedly collaborating with Dutch practice Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau. The firms aims is to maintain and enhance the post office's original construction that dates back to 1916, and include a 22.5-metre-high vaulted Great Hall.A 43-storey tower is expected to be built within an internal courtyard within the former post office building, which will be elevated above the existing courtyard on a vaulted plinth, thus ensuring the space is still useable. The tower is also expected to comprise of a hotel, which will be connected to upper floors surrounding the Great Hall, alongside private residences.


For more: www.oda-architecture.com




Klopf Architecture renovates World War II house

Feb 12, 2019

Klopf Architecture has reportedly designed a low-slung, plywood-clad home in northern California. It was originally built by visionary developer Joseph Eichler following the second world war. The four-bedroom residence in the Silicon Valley town of Palo Alto is constructed on a single-storey dwelling. The Palo Alto Eichler Remodel is a more efficient building envelope including a well-insulated roof – providing solutions that many Eichler homeowners appreciate. The exterior of the residence is grooved by plywood siding grey and added yellow accents – hues that are part of the historic Eichler colour palette. The living room and dining area were completely reconfigured. Wooden ceiling boards are refinished, and ceiling beams are left exposed.

For more: www.klopfarchitecture.com