CJ Living unveils its flagship store in Delhi

Apr 05, 2019

CJ Living has unveiled its flagship store in Delhi. The new space brims with exquisite interiors offering an immersive and inspiring experience of luxury.With its motto of curating fine living experiences for the refined palate, CJ Living has been creating gorgeous homes and elegant offices. Handcrafted kitchens from Germany, bespoke wardrobes from Italy, artful bathrooms showcasing Italian craftsman, flooring solutions in wood from Europe, new-age workspaces from the USA are some of their offerings.Spread across 17,000 sq ft of space on one level in the upscale Design District of Delhi, the thoughtfully designed space displays 13 kitchens, 14 mock-up wardrobes, fine European flooring, seating, workstations, and more.

JSW Living forays into steel furniture business

Apr 05, 2019

Part of the JSW Group, JSW Living has ventured into the steel furniture business with the launch of Forma. The company will be reportedly investing Rs 2.5-3 billion in the venture for the next five year and has set a sales target of Rs 500 million for the first year. Besides, the company has launched products in western and southern India and is expected to reach out to the rest of the country by next year. The company has reportedly adopted an asset-light model by outsourcing production to two entities in Nagpur and Bhiwandi, on the outskirts of Mumbai. Forma will be available online.


Feldman Architecture renovates Twin Peaks Residence

Apr 04, 2019

The US-based studio Feldman Architecture has added features such as tiered gardens, a plunge pool and a triangular loft in its recently renovated Twin Peaks Residence in San Francisco. Spread across 29,955 sq ft, the project involved the remodel of a wood-clad house designed by architect Albert Lanier, who completed a number of homes in the area. New white oak floors along with neutral grey ceiling had been completed in the first phase of the project. Further, it included work such as re-imagining the house's layout and creating more open interiors that better connected to the adjacent, steeply sloped backyard. The residence has three levels; the bottom floor contains a foyer and two garages, the second storey houses bedrooms and an office, and the top floor encompasses a living room, dining area and kitchen.

 For more: www.feldmanarchitecture.com

Buero Wagner designs The Black House in Germany

Apr 04, 2019

German architect studio Buero Wagner has reportedly designed The Black House. The house has been designed with differently sized rooms, cladding in blackened wood. The lake house extension comprises of a bedroom, kitchen and living space that was designed as a repost to the typical architecture found in rural Germany. The kitchen and the dinning area has a small staircase that leads to the living space above, which further extends to the terrace space. Another set of staircase leads down to the basement bedroom. The basement bedroom has an open bathroom and is located alongside of the main entrance of the house. The concrete structure has been cut to create a large opening with pivot windows that allow almost the entire corner to be opened onto the terrace, creating a connection with the small forest nearby.

 For more: www.buerowagner.eu

Ment designs handmade tableware for the world’s largest underwater restaurant

Apr 04, 2019

Ment, a Norwegian design studio, has reportedly handcrafted tableware for Snøhetta's recently completed underwater restaurant in Norway. Brainchild of Ingvild and Sidsel Forr Hemma, have researched and tested a set of tableware for the restaurant’s 18-course menu by using sand and minerals, which are sourced from the surrounding coast. Under, the world’s largest underwater restaurant, was completed last month and Snøhetta has designed the monolithic structure to plunge into the sea from a rocky shoreline. 500 handmade items have been designed and manufactured in their studio by using 17 unique designs with different sizes, materials and colours. Objects include water jugs, toothpick holders, coffee and tea cups, milk jugs and sugar pots, as well as an array of bowls and plates for the food.

Studio Karhard creates a cool bar aesthetic for The Urban Dentist

Apr 02, 2019

Studio Karhard has reportedly designed The Urban Dentist. The interiors are filled with light-up walls, mirrored partitions and colourful stone surfaces help channel a cool bar aesthetic inside the office. Located in Berlin, the office is owned by three young dentists. The interiors are relaxing and hence, the designers have avoided typical dentist colours such as white and glossy surfaces. The reception desk is black and inlaid with an oversized green and peach-coloured aggregate. Right behind the desk is an orange mirror screen divider, which closes off a small admin office. The entire office has been fitted with LED strip lights that can be programmed to change colour, with ring-shaped lights that suspend from the ceiling.

For more: www.karhard.de

Daniel Zamarbide and Leopold Banchini create Dodge House

Apr 02, 2019

Architect Daniel Zamarbide, in collaboration with Leopold Banchini, has reportedly designed a pared-back Lisbon house with glass-walled rooms overlooking a full-height living space. The Dodge House features three bedrooms with living space. Spread across 40 sq m, the new house replicates the facade of an abandoned property that had previously occupied the site. The Dodge House features a stepped section with three upper floors that gradually increase in size. The resulting full-height void creates a visual connection between the ground-floor living area and the levels above. The interiors comprise of cement block walls with concrete frame with bright white colour.

Tato Architects designs House in Sonobe

Apr 01, 2019

Tato Architects has reportedly build House in Sonobe with a sun room that can be opened up to a garden by sliding open a corrugated polycarbonate wall. The Japanese studio is headed by architect Yo Shimada. The architect has drawn inspiration from ad-hoc additions to local homes. The corrugated polycarbonate panels keeps the house warm. The terrace-enclosures are used for drying laundry and storage purpose. The terrace has been incorporated with wide eaves and other semi-outdoor spaces into the interior of the house. The walls of the building are positioned at 45 degree to the main elevations, thus dividing the interior into different functional zones.

For more: www.tat-o.com

Bonito Designs raises $6.3M in pre-series A funding

Apr 01, 2019

Bonito Designs has reportedly raised a sum of $6.3 million as a part of its pre-series A funding round, led by early stage strategic investment fund Tomorrow Capital. The interior designing brand is expected to utilise the fresh capital to extend its operations and ramp up the production. In order to bring personalisation to the products, a large portion of the funding will be reportedly allocated for R&D to build processes and delivery know-how. The designs will be made accessible to a larger audience, who have minimal options from the services offered by the unorganised players.






Loom Crafts launches tiny homes in India

Apr 01, 2019

Loom Crafts, an Indian steel building company having expertise in designing and manufacturing prefabricated steel framed buildings, has tied up with a German company for technical support to manufacture tiny homes for the Indian market.

Tiny homes is an alliance between comfort, functionality, well-being and eco-responsibility to provide homes under 400 sq ft. These tiny houses are custom designed according to the requirements of farmhouses on remote locations, hotels and resorts, camping getaways or in no construction zones as no permission is required for its construction since no civil work is involved on site.


These tiny houses are built on a road trailer or without wheels, which can be placed directly on pre-cast foundations. They can also be shifted from place to place at any time. It can accommodate over five people, and provides wifi and cable, an outdoor deck and grill, and a bathroom and a kitchen. There is provision to expand the inside room by upto 6' outside at the site for add-on comfort as per the customers requirement. In addition, they offer unforgettable experiences for weddings, dining, business retreatsand family reunions. Besides, they are an economical and eco-responsible solution to live with less material possessions.

 According to Rahul Jindal, Managing Director, Loom Crafts, "India has an enormous potential for such tiny houses with the increasing demand from the housing and hospitality sector. More and more people want these products with customisation as no time or effort is spent in its construction. Loom Crafts’ team also offers facilitating tools for self-builders. Within just one month of the launch, we have built and sold three of them; two in Bengaluru and one in Dehradun.

The concept of tiny homes has been derived from the US. In the US, the trend towards tiny houses has become a social movement, where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in, simplify and live with less. Tiny house is about simple living in a small yet efficient space. People have chosen to live in tiny houses due to environmental, financial concerns and the desire for more time and freedom and opt for a lifestyle filled with adventure.


Similarly in India, the concept has been appreciated by many industries, especially hotel, resorts, farm houses and people who love adventure.