Notre Dame Cathedral: The burning of a spiritual beacon

Apr 16, 2019

The Cathedral of NotreDame, where a large fire broke out recently, is among the most famous landmarks in Paris, drawing about 13 million visitors a year. The fire that tore down one of the architectural heritage of France was reportedly controlled early Tuesday. The fire brought its towering spire and roof crashing to the ground and destroyed the 850-year-old UNESCO world heritage landmark.


The cathedral was reportedly undergoing extensive renovation. Reports suggest, the cathedral was in dire need of a makeover as weather and time had taken a toll on the building.


The cathedral had been build on the ruins of earlier churches and its construction went on for many decades. Major work had been accomplished between 1163 and 1250, where countless masons and craftsmen immensely contributed to the cathedral's construction. The cathedral, which was built on a small island called Île de la Cité, was considered as a jewel of medieval Gothic architecture. New level of refinement, structural innovation and artistic expression to the style through the height had been incorporated in the construction of the cathedral. The variety of ornamentation and effects of stained glass on light highlights the roots of the structure. The structure, ornament and architectural effects of light and shadow have embedded Notre Dame within French political history.


Though the flames have partially demolished the rich cultural legacy of France, French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild the cathedral, which was once a spiritual beacon and an architectural marvel.

Philippe Starck, Kartell and Autodesk design the world's first AI chair

Apr 16, 2019

Philippe Starck's AI chair for Kartell is reportedly the first chair designed using artificial intelligence to be put into production. The chair was launched at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair during Milan design week 2019. It has been designed by Starck, using prototype generative design software developed by Autodesk.Starck has used Autodesk's prototype software to create a strong, stable chair using minimal material. The software has reportedly went through a process of learning in order to create a chair that was comfortable, structurally sound, and adhered to both Kartell and Starck's aesthetic preferences.The chair is produced via injection moulding, a manufacturing technique that the software was taught about so it would take the constraints of the process into account when coming up with the design.

Michele de Lucchi creates Earth Station

Apr 16, 2019

Michele de Lucchi’s Connecting Experiences comprises of a series of spaces that encourage visitors to engage with a selection of Poltrona Frau products by working, relaxing and learning together. The showroom installation are delineated by wooden screens, which are intended to add depth to the rooms whilst also creating privacy. The architect’s Milan-based studio ADML had been commissioned Poltrona Frau following a research project called Earth Stations, which he conducted over a period of two years.The project has culminated in the design of several conceptual buildings. The 3D models of these buildings are displayed on a dedicated gallery with the Poltrona Frau showroom. The showroom also features a co-working space and coffee bar. Also, the spaces include a reading room and a conference room.

Rodolfo Dordoni works with international designers for his latest furniture collection

Apr 15, 2019

Rodolfo Dordoni has informed that Minotti is planning on working with a diverse range of international designers in order to develop its identity. His latest collection of Italian furniture showcases new pieces of furniture from designers such as Nendo, Christophe Delcourt, GamFratesi, Studio MK27 and Dordoni. This year, his work has involved curves as compared to previous square geometrical forms. Among the new products launched are three sofa systems – West and Lawson, both designed by Dordoni, and Daniels, which was designed by Delcourt.Dordoni, who has been working with Minotti since 1997. The furniture features sofa seats backed with solid leather panels, and tables designed to seamlessly integrate with the seating elements.


HGH India aims to capitalise on growing Indian home decor market

Apr 15, 2019

HGH India is reportedly looking to capitalise on the growing home decor market in India as the home decor market is growing nationally at 20 per cent. The annual B2B trade show of home textiles, home decor, gifts and housewares will be held from July 2 to 4 in Mumbai. The show has been successful in bringing export-oriented manufacturers to the Indian market. Reportedly, the makers of handicrafts in Jodhpur and Moradabad, carpets in Bhadohi, kitchen linen in Karur and handlooms in Kannur, who were focusing on the export market, have now good presence in the domestic market after participating in the show. The show is known to connect the Indian market for home products and gifts with retailers, artisans and micro-enterprises.


Wienerberger India launches Koramic roof system components to suit India’s weather condition

Apr 15, 2019

Wienerberger India has launched a complete set of roof protection accessories, Koramic Roof System Components (KRSC). The accessories include roofing underlays, insulating materialand other accessories. The components offer complete protection from heat and moisture, and long-lasting products that give continuous protection from water leakage at all vulnerable areas of the roof. These roofing systems are quick and easy to install and have roofed more than 1,500 households across South India.


The Koramic Roof Systems Components include:

  • PREMIUM REFLEX/Barrier ALU: Roofing underlays that provides waterproofing and insulation.

  • KORAFLEX: Flashing tapes that protects the abutments.

  • KORAROLL: For under ridge protection from moisture and avoid mortar bedding below ridges.

  • VALLEY SHEETS: For waterproofing in valley areas.

  • TILES Clips: For wind protection and prevents tiles upliftment in storm and cyclones.


Wienerberger’s Koramic & Tondach tile solutions are genuine terracotta tiles that come in a wide range of profiles, finishes and colours that give the architect enough design flexibility. The solution also offers the best protection for houses against weather and wet conditions. They are durable, energy-efficient and colour that does not fade over time.


Safdie Architects unveils fourth tower to Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore

Apr 12, 2019

Safdie Architects has unveiled its plans to extend its Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore by adding a fourth tower. The tower is expected to stand-alone and will be reportedly take cues from the existing glass buildings, which were completed by Safdie Architects on Marina Bay in 2011. The studio has also designed a new entertainment district with state-of-the-art music arena of 15,000 seat. Each of the towers are linked by a cantilevered sky garden and houses luxury hotel rooms. Besides, the resort also has a museum, two theatres, a casino, shops and restaurants. The tower is expected to house 1,000 hotel suits, while its sky roof will feature a swimming pool and restaurant.


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Winter Architecture teams up with Zunica Interior Architecture to transform Melbourne cricket pavilion

Apr 10, 2019

In order to transform a historic Melbourne cricket pavilion into a flexible community hub, Winter Architecture has teamed up with Zunica Interior Architecture. The firm has created a flexible space that could server a variety of functions and it also enhances its relationship with cricket oval and surrounding landscape. Understanding the client’s need, the studio maintained the building’s relationship with the local community by creating spaces both internally and externally. The updated design introduces two large openings that create a southeast central circulation axis and reinforces the building's aspect to the cricket oval. The existing structural roof beams on the southeast elevation have been extended into a deep eave towards the oval to create a covered external area.

Mattiazzi launches seating collections at Milan design week

Apr 10, 2019

Commemorating its 10th year, Mattiazzi will be launching seating by Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Foster + Partners and Industrial Facility. The four have guest art-directed the collection. The collection is expected to include chairs and stools and will be reportedly launched at Milan design week. For the collection, the chair and low stool has been made from pine wood and steel called Fronda. Hecht and Colin have contributed to this collection. The collection is majorly inspired by contemporary and nomadicculture. The metal seat possesses he qualities of Japanese copper and cypress washing buckets. The Zampa collection by Jasper Morrison comprises a low and high stool in ash wood. With gently curving legs and a round, flat seat, the stools feature a minimum of joins.The fourth collection, Leva, by Foster + Partners is a chair in ash wood that was inspired by the efficiency of the form and materiality of an oar.

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Dynia Architects designs The Source Hotel

Apr 10, 2019

Designed by the US-based firm Dynia Architects, shifted floor plates and slanted elements offer an off-kilter appearance to a boutique hotel in a Denver art district. The eight-storey building of The Source Hotel reportedly cements the neighbourhood’s reputation as Denver’s cultural hub. The 84,752-sq-ft hotel has a dynamic, off-kilter form as it rises up from a two-storey podium. The six-storey mass angles cross the site with shifted floor plates forming cantilevers and setbacks. Its exterior walls are clad in black and silver metal, giving the building an industrial look. The exterior column on the northeast elevation is slanted and is coloured in bright aquamarine. The hotel is an extension to an existing building, The Source.

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