Livspace opens modular brand to designers and architects

Aug 03, 2017 opens its modular label to architects and interior designers. This aspect was previously a private dealing of the interior design platform. Livspace plans to engage designers from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Gurugram and Noida while expanding its modular range. The label has products like wardrobes, storage units, kitchens, bookshelves, etc. The company recently launched flagship stores in Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The stores allow customers to use their consultation, experience their designs via virtual reality and place the order for their products as well. Founded in 2014, the company plans to expand to Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune as well.

Indian Architect Love Choudhary’s London Based Project “Dream Pavilion” wins International Award

Aug 03, 2017

The team of Love Choudhary and Benjamin Felbrich received the WA Designed Award.The design for the pavilion envisioned an interactive public space based on the concept of dreams. The dandelion-like units that constitute the surface of the pavilion were designed as detachable modules with laminated rice paper leaves that could be used by people, specifically children, to write and display their dreams on the structure, enabling them to relate better to the space. The pavilion covers up 60 square metres of space in an overall 11 metres x 7 metres area. With the skeletal structure in steel pipes with customized supports to hold the dandelion leaves, the pavilion was designed as a light and reusable structure that is easy to construct. The competition is divided into 3 distinct categories:- WA Designed Award: projects that were not built, WA Realised Award: projects that are actually built, WA Student Award: projects designed by students. Three cycles or rounds of awards are organized every year for design professionals and students across the world. The WA Jury, composed of a mixture of their Honorary Members and earlier WA Award Winners, select the winners for each cycle rating all aspects of the participating projects. 

Tesla’s new Solar Roof Tiles are cheaper than normal roofs

Aug 02, 2017

Tesla’s solar roof tiles are almost 20 per cent cheaper than normal roof tiles. The photovoltaic tiles are going to be available in $21.85 per square foot. The current Tesla tiles are available in two styles for pre orders in grey and textured glass. The glass layered tiles offer much more than normal tiles. The economical nature of this new product has taken the forecasters by storm. The tiles have an infinite warranty. 

We Are Water Foundation launched in India

Aug 02, 2017

We Are Water Foundation, a non-profit organization supported by a socially responsible corporate, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd, announced its India launch. With this move, the foundation also announced its flagship campaign ‘Shauchalaya Apna, Bitiya ka Sapna’ targeted at improving the sanitation facilities for women & girl child in the country. With a vision to work towards solving the global problem of water, sanitation and hygiene, ‘We Are Water Foundation’ a non-profit organisation conceived in 2010, stepped foot on Indian soil this year. The foundation has completed 30 projects in 18 countries that have helped more than 400,000 people get better sanitation and water access. The We Are Water Foundation has two key goals. The first is to promote awareness and encourage debate among the public and organizations on the need to create a new culture for water, to enable the equitable development and sustainable management of the world's water resources. The second is to carry out a whole host of actions to counter the negative effects of the lack of adequate water resources. The foundation's fields of activity include involvement in infrastructure, education, health and research, concentrated in the world's most deprived areas.

Bluetooth wireless protocol now supports Mesh Networking

Aug 02, 2017

Bluetooth Special Interest Group revealed that the Bluetooth wireless protocol now supports Mesh Networking. This, in turn, enables many to many device communications especially suitable for building automation. Mesh networks consume less energy and can run longer making it ideal for commercial applications. Temperature sensors, lighting networks and other integrated platforms for commercial buildings can be made available at a fraction of the cost with the new system. 

Ring –shaped walkway is set to be built near Flint Castle in Wales

Aug 01, 2017

George King Architects was awarded a project following a competition that invited architects and artists to draw up ideas for a vacant site near Flint Castle in North Wales. The proposal was a large ring. The 30-metre diameter rusted ring touches the ground at two points to represent the unstable nature of the crown, according to the architects. The structure will be at a height of seven metres off the ground and will have a walkway with views of the River Dee. The ring also seeks to incorporate local histories engraved on the inner surface of the buried portion. The people, however, see it as a sign of oppression as it a historic symbol of King Edward I and the castles he built to resist the Welsh struggles.

Most ongoing projects in NCR will not be considered under RERA

Aug 01, 2017

The Uttar Pradesh and Haryana government do not consider ongoing projects under the gambit of RERA. This amounts to 90% of the properties in the Gurgaon area while Noida area exempts around 82 projects. Projects that have applied for and those who have been issued occupancy certificates are exempt from the act. This is in contrary to the central law passed.  Part completion certificates signify that the project being built still comes under RERA. Home buyers in both the cities have been greatly aggrieved with such a dilution of the law. 

Flipkart launches ‘Billion’ – a budget brand

Aug 01, 2017

Flipkart’s co-founder initiated the new brand launch called ‘Billion.’ The range of products includes home appliances and fashion. The idea behind this launch was to provide a wider range of the Indian consumer base who weren’t satisfied by the service in these categories. The name suggests a billion aspirations for a billion people. It will be made in India and for Indian needs. 

Decowood from the House of Greenlam Industries Ltd. unveils its new range of Distressed Veneer

Jul 31, 2017

Taking its legacy forward, Decowood from the house of Greenlam industries introduced a new range of premium veneers called distressed collection. It highlights distressed wood finish and organic patterns that bring a sense of tranquillity in the atmosphere. The distressed veneers collection is available in six variants like distressed - the plus oak, distressed - the plus walnut, distressed - knotty oak, distressed - knotty pine, distressed - oak parquet, distressed - teak grandeur. The exquisite detailing in this range enables users to give it an opulent and luxurious look to their home. 

AWFIS Space Solutions open new centre in Pune

Jul 31, 2017

The co-working space provider, AWFIS Space Solutions has opened a new centre in Baner, Pune. The 35,000 sq ft co-working area is done in partnership with Teerth Realties. The office has 525 seats and is already 45% occupied in capacity.  The company will soon be launching their next centre in Viman Nagar of Pune which is already 100% sold out.  Five more centres are soon to open in Pune in places like Hinjewadi, Kharadi and Bund Garden in the next six months.