IIFL Home Loans' Builders Meet - A Leg Up To "Affordable Housing For All By 2022"

Dec 08, 2016

India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL) Home Loans, one of the leading housing finance companies of India, has organized a ‘Builders & Developers’ meet on 8th December, 2016 at 6.30pm in Hotel IBIS Pune. This initiative is a leg up to “affordable housing for all by 2022”.

The theme of this discussion was ‘Credit linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)’ and ‘Swaraj Home Loans’. The discussion addressed an audience of 40+ reputed builders, academicians and the Managing Heads of IIFL.

Mr. Monu Ratra, Executive Director & CEO of the IIFL Housing Finance introduced Swaraj Home Loans, which is a unique product of the company that provides first time home buyers flexibility in terms of strict income documents, credit score history, etc. There was an open house discussion for a more critical judgment of the concept.

After Pune, the awareness session will be held in Mumbai on coming 15th December.

Jaipur Rugs Wins The German Design Award 2017 For Two Designs!

Dec 08, 2016

Jaipur Rugs is breaking records with winning the German Design Award 2017 for the second time in a row, after the impressive win in 2016 for its rug Anther. The felicitation is to take place in February 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.

This year, two of Jaipur’s rugs have won the awards – Kras and Taittu. These are a part of Jaipur Rugs’ Free Verse collection, designed by Kavi.

With a motive such as that stated by the Founder and CMD of Jaipur Rugs, Mr. Nandkishore Chaudhary of the company being “on an insurgent mission to bring back the lost dignity in one of the most under-appreciated professions—Weaving”, it is evident as to why the firm exceeds our expectations and sets a higher benchmark every year. 

Dyson Takes Over Dyson!

Dec 07, 2016

Recently announced by the company, Dyson Ltd. is switching its ownership from James Dyson to his son, Jake Dyson. Surprisingly, this multibillion-dollar company is owned by the founder wholly and solely, and not by shareholders. 

While Mr. James’ inventiveness was towards high-powered electric motors and vacuums, his son had a higher impact in the lighting industry with his lighting design studio for the last decade. Jake joined the Dyson board in 2014 before Dyson bought his company in 2015. Now, the larger establishment sells Jake Dyson’s lighting line as its own. 

The reason behind this internal takeover is Senior Dyson retiring at the age of 70, states Jake, thus also preserving the “family business” instead of the “worldwide success” being sold to any other entity. The main reason behind this being a further success is his interest in “designing products” and enjoying what he does!

Panasonic Opens Research & Development Center in India

Dec 07, 2016

Reports state that the Japanese multinational, Panasonic Corp. is about to create a research and development center in Haryana, India, in order to fuse its designs and the modus operandi of manufacturing refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines in order to cater to the local needs and tastes. The company aims to develop home appliances for the Indian and Middle Eastern markets at this new center. 

Panasonic intends to build a refrigerator plant at the same location for about 2 billion yen ($17.5 million), which will have an annual capacity of about 500,000 units and begin the release of these refrigerators in November 2017.

This trifecta plan also consists of the company partnering with India's Tata Group to establish another design division in Bangalore, where Panasonic will manufacture products to sell in Japan and other Asian markets.

British Heart Foundation Opens Its Largest Furniture Store In Woking

Dec 07, 2016

The not-for-profit organization, British Heart Foundation, opens its home and fashion store in place of British Home Store’s site in Woking, England. Inaugurated on 6th December 2016 by Anne Murray, Mayor of Woking, this is BHF’s largest outlet among all 730 branches across the United Kingdom.

Similar to every other retail store opening, there was a massive queue at Crown Square, situated in Woking’s town center, waiting for the ribbon to be cut and getting the first feel.

The Mayor was “pleased to see the reuse” of old units such as sofas, washing machines and beds that were on sale, as well as smaller second-hand goods including CDs, DVDs and accessories.

Residents donate unwanted goods, while volunteers encourage more people to drop items off to fill the shelves. For big items such as chests of drawers and dining room sets, the charity runs a free collection service. 

Zaha Hadid's “Early Paintings And Drawings” Exhibition At The Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Dec 06, 2016

An exhibition of abstract paintings and drawings by late architect, Zaha Hadid, will be conducted at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London, which was envisioned in partnership with her, and also renovated and restructured by her! This exceptional display of work opens its gates to visitors on 8th December 2016, until 12th February 2017.

The focus of the “Zaha Hadid Early Paintings and Drawings” exhibition will be on masterpieces created by the revolutionary architect before she accomplished her first building in 1993 – the Vitra Fire Station.

Her often noticed "abstraction and explosion" in paintings and drawings were particularly inspired by the work of Russian painter, Kazimir Malevich. This inspired work, calligraphy and sketches from her notebooks, all dated back to the 1970s will also be displayed at the exhibit. 

The Indian Design Industry Is Expected To Grow To INR 18,000 Crore by 2020

Dec 06, 2016

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) expects the Indian design industry to grow up to Rs. 18,800 crore by FY 2020, while supporting its industrial design segment upto Rs. 11,000 crore.

According to Pradyumna Vyas, India Design Council Member, Secretary and Director of National Institute of Design, at CII – India Design Summit addressed and underutilization of design in the industry. This is further backed by reports stating that the potential size of the industry has not been reached, as the present market is only worth Rs. 2,100 crore, implying that more 80% of the design potential is yet to be realized in India. Mr. Vyas recognizes an additional importance of “inclusion of design” as boosting manufacturing, which further helps in growth of the industry. 

Innovative Wooden Machine Produces ‘Handwritten’ version of Bodoni Font

Dec 06, 2016

Graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, Sooji Lee, has built a hand-operated machine, namely Craftsmanship, which rewrites the Bodoni typestyle in lowercase.

The designer has constructed a pedal-operated wooden machine with a pen; along with a set of "maps" the operator follows to recreate each Bodoni letter.

Lee has deconstructed the lowercase letters of this three-century-old font and reduced it to 26 individual elements.

Her motive behind coming up with this inventive tool was to literally write, instead of claiming to write while actually just pushing buttons on a computer.

This rare piece of work was displayed at Dutch Design Week 2016, where other students showcased various other groundbreaking creations such as furniture made from processed pine needles, and a gun designed to fire tears.

Christmas Tree Trapped Inside A Huge Ice Cube

Dec 05, 2016

British artist, Alex Chinneck, freezes a seven-meter-tall Christmas tree inside a two-ton block of resin, shaped to look like an ice cube, in London's infamous Kings Cross, amongst the colourful fountains outside Central Sain Martin’s Granary Square campus.

To make it a “quirky installation” as mentioned by Mr. Chinneck, the puddle around the ice cube is made out of 250 kgs of clear wax for the melting effect, while the cube emits a bright nightglow through the 1,200 lights placed inside.

Chinneck, who specialises in architectural installations featuring optical illusions, has spun his magic around London town in a house in Margate with a slumping brick delusion and an apparently levitating building in Covent Garden's Piazza.

Other design and architectural activities taking place across the city include an upside-down Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling of Tate Britain, and an immersive Christmas tree installation by Apple's Jonathan Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson.

Roberto Cavalli’s Former Luxury Boat Is One Of The Most Iconic Celebrity Yachts In The World

Dec 05, 2016

This £39.6m opulent mega yacht named Ability, which was previously owned by Fashion Designer, Roberto Cavalli, has not only been listed as one of the 10 most iconic celebrity yachts in the world, but also won a finalist position in the “Over £1m” category at the SBID International Design Excellence Awards 2016. 

The new owners, the Ability Group, appointed Surrey-based firm, Designer Touches, to give the interiors of the yacht a complete makeover while being “sympathetic” to the majestic tastes of Mr. Cavalli. The lavishness of the interiors resonates with the gallant, flamboyant exteriors, thus facilitating its use for uber exclusive charters.

This Genoa based yacht adds an overall sense of drama and splendor to guarantee the guests’ a memorable experience, thus charging them over $249,000 for the most pleasurable sail of their lives.