Abha Narain Lambah

The Restorer


Reliving the glory of the past isn’t easy with crumbling buildings and faded designs. Abha Narain Lambah allows us to revisit the opulence of the past with the renewed vision she offers historic structures. Specialising in restorations, the firm embodies the act of going global the local way. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Abha Narain Lambah (ANL) has become a name synonymous to design excellence in the area of architectural conservation and restoration. Founded in 1988, headed by Lambah, ANL Associates work in many areas of architecture like that of conservation management plan mark-ups, historic interiors and museum design amongst a host of other areas. Some of their notable projects include The Asiatic Library and Town Hall, Crawford Market, The Bombay High Court, BMC Headquarters, Tata Palace, The Royal Opera House, temples in Ladakh and Hampi, management plans for ancient sites of Lothal and Ajanta Caves, amongst a host of others. Lambah infuses new technologies without disturbing the overall philosophy of the design; with her at the helm, you can expect the best. Being the recipient of eight UNESCO Pacific Awards apart from a host of other Indian accolades, the firm continuously strives for excellence.

With the Royal Opera House in Mumbai, ANL treaded into the finest elements of restoration and design, literally leaving no stone unturned. The team of experts from the field of conservation, acoustics, MEP, HVAC, stage designing, sound engineering, etc, worked holistically to unveil the restored Royal Opera House in Mumbai. The space now reverberates as the ultimate expression of the finer arts.
This 30,000 sq ft Moorish Mosque, retains a community within the structure itself. Using materials sourced locally, the mosque is brought to life with dedicated and attention to minute details. The team used global design standards whilst ensuring that the project can handle the Indian climate and wear and tear. ANL’s work is an ode to the cradle of civilization itself, by infusing new life into long lost designs.