December, 2016


Look no further than your floors for a quick design update for your home. You can use tiles and ceramics in simple ways to complement your style and create a refreshing change for 2017.


Metallic tiles
Metallic tiles are great for your walls to create a design accent, and can be used in spaces like the dining room and even the kitchen
Outdoor spaces
Outdoor spaces like the poolsiden deck can use cement-like tiles or earthen ceramic tiles.
Photo Courtesy: Annsacks Chicago Showroom
Photo Courtesy: Annsacks Chicago Showroom

 The floors and walls in homes and outdoor spaces have seen major upgrades in the past year with the use of innovative tiles and ceramics. Some key trends includes looking at 3D-printing and going in for eco-friendly approaches for these elements. They are being made sturdy, elegant and functional so you can use them for different parts of your home. We spoke to a few people in the industry to take you through a few popular trends in tiles and ceramics:

Ketan TrivediKetan Trivedi,
Sr. General Manager, Marketing,
H&R Johnson

Nature, realness, warmth and comfort are words that are going to dominate the tiling space in the coming year. Natural stone and wood are expensive and difficult to maintain. People can opt for natural looking stone and wood tiles which gives your home a rustic and a distinctive look. Using germ-free and stain-free tiles not only keeps the environment natural but also keeps your family safe.

This look combines soft timbers with an industrial look, which involves distressed flooring and slightly rusty looking floors (hybrid concrete/metallic rust). Timber and concrete are known to be closely associated with industrial styles and in most areas they are weathered, with painted or patterned timer combined with metallic slithers. This trend comes in plank form and is best suited for the outdoors but can be used for most living spaces.

Pantone has declared Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colours that will rule the year. Both these colours are pale yet uplifting. You can combine Serenity shaded wall tiles with Rose Quartz flooring to give your bathroom a nice chic look. You can also paint an accent wall in your living room and your bedroom for a subtle yet colourful twist.


Vikas KesarkarVikas Kesarkar,
Vice President- Marketing,
Classic Marble Company

Classic Marble Company’s KalingaSlimtech offers two varieties of large size porcelain slabs; Grande Porcellana 3mm Ceramic Slabs and Grande Porcellana 6mm Ceramic Slabs. Imported from Spain, and Italy, they are available in standard 6mm thickness. Products offered in both categories are not only low on porosity, and have anti-graffiti properties but also are durable, hygienic and offer flexibility in installation making it an ideal application for wall cladding and flooring applications for both indoor and outdoor environments.

KalingaSlimtech will introduce its Deco Collection with leather finish options and will introduce new variants in its Marmi collection, inspired by designs and vein patterns found in natural marble.

Over the years, with advancements in technology, the tile industry has seen a major transformation in terms of evolution designs, patterns, colors and even the sizes in which tiles can be made. Our Porcellana Grande in 3mm thickness is one such innovation. It is so thin that its applications are breaking the aesthetic barriers and are being adapted even in lamination of furniture. The advancements in technology has made it possible to glaze the surface of porcelain tiles with vein patterns rendering them the look of natural marble oreven creating digital prints with the cutting – edge technology tooffer tiles in leather, metal or any other natural finish.

Wooden floors

 Wooden floors can be paired with ceramic tiles on the walls
in warm hues to create a traditional kitchen.


Ashok GoyaAshok Goyal

There is a sea of change happening in India, and the ceramic industry doesn’t fail to step at the rear. The domestic market of ceramic tiles in India has undergone a vast change, with vitrified tiles now constituting half of the total tiles market. With the introduction of modern technology in designing and manufacturing, the market has opened up new segments such as 3D tiles, germ-free tiles and artistic designer tiles.

Our new-age Designer Collection 2016 is a collection of tiles perfect for those who love to experiment with a variety of looks for their home and office. Packed with a combination of high gloss, wood, éclat and satin finish the ceramic floor tiles are fashioned with a unique dazzle to delight each time you step into your home. The ceramic wall tiles sport an exceptional matt, satin and glossy finish radiating an edginess that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Complete with dazzling finishes and innovative prints, the Designer Collection, 2016 is here to gift you a luxurious experience. We will be further expanding our range with unique sizes and designs in the larger magnified sizes as well as Premium collection in glazed vitrified and wall category.



The wood-look tile has already been known to be a favourite around the world but the trend will shift slightly this year toward some creative uses of the tile. They are not just great on your floors but can work well as wall panels and countertops. These tiles help create a warm, old-fashioned vibe in your home.

The weathered, distressed look for floors is popular and it will continue to grow in 2017. Everything from barn wood looks to aged painted planks will make more appearances. You can use this style to create a New York-loft like look for your apartment.

The cement-look tile is also a big hit and will be softer and warmer in the year to come, making it suitable for all kinds of design usage. Concrete isn’t just for modern design anymore. Look for it in warm grey, taupe, and beige tones and create a traditional home space.

ceramic tiles

You can use ceramic tiles for your bathroom floors, walls and basin
stands as they are sturdy.

Brick-look tile is an easier-to-maintain option than actual brick and you’ll get the same look and feel. You will see  the classic New York loft apartment style being reinterpreted in different ways, sometimes just for nooks and corners  in a home.

The classic high-end look of marble is what everyone wants and in every imaginable format, Porcelain tile is ready to deliver.

Wall tile isn’t limited to a backsplash anymore. It’s replacing paint and wallpaper as the favoured wall covering.

Metallics as an accent make a design lean toward the dramatic. Even in small doses, metallic is a hit. It will be everywhere this year, but it will play a supporting role.

Tile will jump off the wall in all kinds of 3D designs this year. While trends will still favour neutral colors, textures will be anything but neutral. Look for geometric pattern, waves, handcrafted look and high-low mosaic patterns.

Ceramic tiles are a favourite for countertops in kitchen. They are heat, scratch, and stain resistant and easy to clean. Why not include a small ceramic table in the kitchen which doubles up as an eating area as well.

In the bathroom, ceramic tiles are a very good option as they are easy to clean and again are available in all kinds of budgets. You can pick from a wide range of decorative bathroom ceramic as they now come in many prints and patterns.

Using decorative ceramic tiles as accents in your house can help lend a beautiful design to the space. Think of installing them under the stairways, perhaps an entranceway or corridor to your living and bedroom spaces. You can also use them as wall accents so don’t just stick to the floors.