January, 2017


Blogger and decor influencer Rohina Anand’s Instagram page @aaliving is all about practical tips and inspiration.


Rohina Anand took over the decor brand AA Living in Mumbai as the owner and head designer in 2009. She completed her schooling from J.B. Petit in Mumbai, after which she moved to the United Kingdom to further study her passion for textiles and design.

Blogger and decor influencer Rohina Anand’s Instagram page

Her achievements include spearheading the brand and pushing it towards success as well as winning the Asian Paints Indian Décor Influencer Awards (IDIA) 2016 as ‘Instagrammer of the Year’ for her account Rohina’s vision is to merge creativity and quality and make it easily available to all those who want an imaginative home.

monotones can be a great style to adopt in your bedroom to create a calm space

Monotones can be a great style to adopt in your bedroom to create a calm space.

Rohina Anand, owner and head designer at AA Living.

Rohina Anand, owner and head designer at AA Living.

Q How would you define your design journey? How were you drawn towards interiors/décor?
Since I remember, I’ve always known that I was made to contribute to the creative arts. As time set in, I realized the fashion industry was too saturated, so I began drifting towards interior textiles – an underrated industry that the closer I got to, the more I understood its volcano of design potential.

Q What inspires your décor-design stories on Instagram?
I’m happy just to put forward visuals that communicate my design sensibilities. I always put myself in my readers’ shoes before posting, which helps me impart expertise on their level.

Q What can you recommend to our readers if they plan a makeover in 2017?
• Quiet Colour –It’s always important to know your way around a colour wheel. This season Pantone is ushering us towards gorgeously chalky and subdued hues. The only bold contrasting shades that you could get away with would be black and white paired together.
• Statement Cushions – Whether it’s the face of a Great Dane, a possum or just an appliqued quote cushion. It’s criminal to go bland and solid with all of your cushions this season.
• Texture – A lot of texture! Think of a laser cut rug on the floor, slub chenille as your bedspread base, matelassé weaves – nothing has a plain uninteresting surface.

Q What inspires your design aesthetic – people, places?
Travel is my biggest muse. I love going to trade fairs, seeing historic art and just picking up design sensibilities from so many different cultures. Europe has to be my favourite. Personally I find that my personal design aesthetic is quite prominent in the store’s design selection and overall look. There is a sort of sync in my designing, my own personal style and home décor. I tend to stay away from large overwhelming prints, synthetic looking fabric, anything that is heavy on stones and sequins and loud contrasting combinations. I loved Coco Chanel’s take on solid colours, understated elegance, play on textures and most importantly designing for comfort. She once quoted, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” I’m a firm believer in the practicality of interior textiles, understanding the customer and then delivering creative beauty.

Q Who are your favourite architects and designers in India and abroad?
Rooshad Shroff is my current favourite. He’s so brilliantly creative! I follow his work diligently on Instagram. Internationally I love Ulf Moritz, Nani Marquina and Martyn Thompson Studio.

Q What is in store on your Instagram page? What can our readers expect to see going forward?
I don’t plan too much in advance with my social media activity, I like to go with the flow, and showcase things organically as and when they fold out. I think it keeps the space more real that way versus a lot of other stores and bloggers who have people posting on their behalf to keep some kind of strategy in place.