Somany enters luxury segment

January, 2017


Smart toilet with bespoke controller to reign in luxury with comfort and hygiene

Bathrooms are turning into the next frontier for the confluence of design and technology and it’s not just a fad any more. Several international players have launched different offerings to cater to the rapidly growing eco-friendly, tech-enabled luxury bath fittings ranging from shower heads embedded with Bluetooth wireless speakers to mood lighting showers and flush-free urinals.

Prada Silver Basin


Prada Silver Basin

The latest entrant into the market is a familiar name in the industry, which has so far ruled the market for floor and wall tiles in India. Somany Ceramics’ entry into the smart and intelligent toilet market with its French Collection range fittings exude trendy designs and superior technology and flawless performance for luxury segment.
The Indian market is not immune to the global trend of smart buildings and therefore the smart bathroom segment in India is expected to grow rapidly since smart bathrooms offer increased functionality with optimal integrated solutions such as smart toilets and automatic flush systems. Somany has thus introduced its French collection keeping in view demand for smart bathrooms, especially in urban areas and among rising affluent Indians as consumers are moving towards the trend of energy conservation adoption and maintaining high standards of hygiene.

ACE Remote


ACE Remote

Already an established player in the sanitaryware segment in India, Somany’s bathroom collection so far catered to a price-sensitive yet design-focused customer. However, with the launch of its French collection, Somany will now enter the luxury segment. The high-end buyers with a bend for exclusive and bespoke products are now the new target segment for Somany with the launch of its technologically advanced range that can arguably be termed as a collection of art pieces.
The French Collection is luxurious and its smart product line is inspired by the unique elements of French aesthetics and cultural heritage. The collection has over 28 products, ranging from water closets, urinals to wash basins, which fall under 11 different series, namely Jazz, Dior, Vida, Chanel, Veneta, Enzo, Eiffel, Nice, Odette, Prada, Renee, Quest, Ace, Crepe, Edith, Aurore and Figaro. Somany has chosen white as the theme colour for the entire range to follow a more contemporary design language.
The star of the French collection is the Ace series, which is designed to ensure that there are minimum pressure points so as to enhance overall comfort.
Laden with technologies akin to widely popular Japanese toilets, Somany’s Ace toilet with high IQ toilet brings together French design withand a Bluetooth remote that brings in personalisation in your private moments for the highest comfort and hygiene.

French Collection_ACE_Automatic Toilet_INR 1,65,000

ACE  Toilet

What it means for the end consumer is no more frozen toilet seats in the unforgiving Delhi winters as the smart seat rim with temperature control, warm rear and bidet wash provide you with the warmth at the final frontier of your comfort. The toilet also offers a night light, dryer and deodorizer for reducing touch points to a bare minimum so as to avoid spreading of germs and match up to the increasing worldwide personal hygiene standards. The user-defined energy save mode that saves water is a step ahead in a move towards a sustainable future.

“We see a great demand in the luxury bathroom segment. Our French collection fills in the gaps in the market by bringing in the most high tech products with French design at a highly competitive price point. Unlike many other products in the market, our French range would not be made in China and instead be sourced from Europe,” said Abhishek Somany, MD Somany Ceramics. The entire design for the collection has been done in-house and more products are soon expected to follow.
The price range for the French collection varies according to the series and the products, starting from Rs. 7,990 for the Quest Art Basin to Rs. 1,65,000 for the Ace Automatic Toilet. The new collection is available across India at Somany Exclusive Stores and Experience Centres.
“The smart bathroom and toilet trend is here to stay as consumers get more environment and health conscious. We are confident that the French collection will be a resounding success as it has been created keeping in mind the modern contemporary housing needs of consumers. With this launch, we hope to lead the smart toilet industry in India and aim to be among the Top 3 players over the next two years,” Somany added.

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