SPOTLIGHT- Special Feature

February, 2017



Inspired by nature, wood and wood-like materials are featuring heavily in home decor, especially as a flooring option.


This year is all about incorporating natural elements into your spaces (Pantone's choice of Greenery as the colour of the year also reflects a similar message). While we have noticed a shift towards other materials over the years, this year, wood and wood-like materials are going to heavily feature in both indoor and outdoor spaces, at homes and in offices. The reason is simple, they create a sense of warmth and texture that makes for a classical look that is both cosy and inviting. When it comes to flooring, these styles are both durable and time-tested. Wider and longer planks are in favour this year and textures like hardwood with handcrafted finishes are also making their presence felt. "We're seeing a continued desire for wider and longer hardwood planks,

and also a more informal layout using different width planks. Wider planks have the advantage of creating a more unified look - with fewer joint lines - which also highlights the inherent aesthetic of the wood, that is to say the knots and grain. Because texture is going to be important this year, we are expecting to see increased popularity for hardwoods that have distinct handcrafted finishes such as hand scrapped and wire-brushed finishes. Whilst grey tones are still going to be hugely popular, we might also see a growing return to more natural and dark wood tones. One key trend that is certain to hit consumers in 2017 is herringbone and chevron parquet designs which are being heavily featured on trend-setting home décor and renovation shows as well as on websites this year," says Jamie Sandford, Home Flooring Pros.

Arpita Krishnan, Architect, AK Studio, Chennai, discusses colour trends to choose from. "Homeowners are looking for bold looks that make their home stand out above the rest this year and the typical, predictable and neutral wood flooring is out."

Dark-coloured wood will always be a go-to hue to create a sense of richness, opulence and warmth. While dark floors are beautiful, they can tend to make your room look small and show dirt/dust more easily so be careful how you use them.

"Light, blonde wood, often found in bamboo flooring are trending," says Krishnan. The light colours tend to make your space look bigger, brighter and more open. This is a great option for those with smaller spaces and with ample natural light as this can be an effective space maximising trick.

This neutral, calming colour has picked up steam over the years and is finding its way into modern homes. Grey is also a colour that is finding its way into décor elements like doors and cabinets.

This year flooring is all about texture, and companies are going through a lot of trouble to add texture to smoother surfaces to give homeowners the rustic, earthy feel that is so in right now.

"Natural and unique hand-scraped hardwood floors are making a big statement," says Krishnan. Hand-scraping makes each plank appear to be handcrafted and one of a kind. Thanks to the long ingrained scrapes which show in the finish, the floors end up looking classic and rare.


Wire brushing gives floors an aged, distressed look and is often misjudged as hand-scraped floors. "The intentional scratches give the wood a unique style but also hide new scratches, dirt and dust, making them a popular choice for families and homeowners with pets," says Krishnan.SATIN FINISHED WOOD FLOORS A perfect compromise, between glossy and matte, satin finishes are about 40% lustrous so not as shiny as glossy wood floors.

"Matte finished wood floors are coming back in a big way and is a personal favourite," says Krishnan. While people are still leaning towards satin finishes for its squeaky-clean feel, matte will be an upcoming trend this year. Wooden floors, whatever size, shape or design you do decide to use, will lend a sense of warmth that is hard to find in any other type of flooring. "One of the main reasons I use wooden flooring is the warmth it offers, both physically and in terms of general ambience. Its an easy addition to any existing flooring, requiring no adhesive so it's quick to install and can really bring about a quick change to any space. Also, the natural texture and colours of wooden flooring psychologically offer a sense of comfort to anyone in the space, says Aaditya Raj