February, 2017


Mountain Majesty

Engulfed by stunning views of the Swiss Alps, the Huus Gstaad Hotel in Switzerland captures the essence of the natural beauty surrounding it in a cosy home-like setting.


The interiors of the bar and restaurant reflect the warmeth of wood.

In a glorious Swiss Alp setting amid natural wonders, the 136-room Huus Gstaad rises — reborn and reimagined — as a classic Alpine chalet where one can embrace the pinnacle of adventure and comfort. Set some 1,111 metre above sea level near Gstaad in the Bernese Oberland, the former Steigenberger Hotel has been reshaped by Architect and Designer Erik Nissen Johansen, a Norwegian visionary and artist with a passion for creative concepts, engaging experiences, and visual storytelling. Inside the hotel, one finds warm, welcoming rooms that feature the finest quality traditional materials accented by modern touches, bringing to mind a friend’s home in the mountains. Once inside you will discover fine restaurants, fun eateries, a stunning wellness and spa area, conference facilities, a lounge like “living room” with unparalleled views and an accompanying fireplace with a library of 500 books. “Apart from being gorgeous the hotel offers great opportunities to get outside and get adventurous - even if you are not an experienced alpinist. The hotel has its own mountain concierge who can

arrange guides, equipment and experiences ranging from dog sledding to skiing and snowboarding, hot air ballooning and rafting. To make it really easy, lots of experiences are included for all guests, such as climbing gear, bikes, toboggans for the kids, shuttle service and tours with Huus own mountain guides. Huus makes the great outdoors accessible to everyone, so it’s the perfect place for finding an adventure that suits you,” says Johansen. Working with a building originally constructed in the 1980s, Erik Nissen Johansen — architect and artist behind design studio, Stylt Trampoli — has removed walls and enlarged windows to expose the region’s extraordinary grandeur and natural beauty while also ensconcing guests in an inviting, home-like setting. “The hotel building was previously the Steigenberger Hotel. It has a fantastic location, with a stunning Alps backdrop and fantastic views - easily the best in Gstaad. We were approached by a team of people we knew well, as we had already worked with them on several projects, including most recently the Spedition Hotel and Restaurant in nearby Thun. They wanted to redevelop the building

and create a truly extraordinary alpine hotel and of course we jumped at the chance to be involved with such an exciting project,” explains Johansen.

A mix of traditional patterns with contemporary materials and styles, Huus Gstaad creates a sense of familiarity amidst a setting of warmth and wonder. Rich colours, textured patterns, and comfortable corners invite one to get lost in the hotel’s timeless mountain environment. The number one highlight of this hotel is without a doubt — the views. “By making the windows larger and taller, we have really opened up the hotel to the landscape outside - which of course is the reason that people come to Gstaad in the first place. Now, everywhere you look in the hotel, there is nature, beckoning to you to come outside and play. Another detail that we really love is the reception counter, which is made from a boulder from the nearby river. We waded around for hours looking for the right rock, and

it sets the tone for the entire hotel right from the moment you arrive,” says says Erik Nissen Johansen. Also keeping in mind the rustic charm of the surroundings, materials used inside are natural and locally sourced, “As always with Stylt designs, the decor was created based on an idea that runs through all elements of the design, from the surfaces to the furnishings to the lamps, throws and the menus in the restaurant. The idea here was to bring nature inside, and to entice guests outside, so we used lots of natural materials, like wool and locally sourced stone and wood, and we made sure that the landscape is present even when you are inside.” The overall design of the hotel, which includes fantastic food and drink offerings as well as a library and communal fireplace, celebrates the notion of togetherness. The word Huus means ‘home’ and that is the essence of this hotel experience. Huus Gstaad is where local traditions meet international influences, giving guests a true taste of the Alps with a cosmopolitan twist.