April, 2017


Touted as the official headquarters to run the threemonth long presidential campaign of candidate Benoit Hamon, the global co-working space on 48 Rue du Chateau dEau is nestled in central Paris designed to fulfil the growing need for contemporary, agile working environments. “Paris is a great location for a coworking space due to the number of start-ups and fledgling businesses coming forward, as well as the number of daily international visitors who come to the city for business and require temporary workspace in the heart of the capital. It is a fairly new concept in Paris, unlike in London and New York where the concept has developed significantly in recent years”, says Linda Morey-Burrows, Principal Director at MoreySmith.The brief from Deskopolitan was to create a space that was welcoming, unique, comfortable and sociable.

MoreySmith worked with the brief to create something contemporary which would open its doors to artist interactions, group sessions, networking sessions and a host of other collaborative activities — a first of its kind in the European market. “Chateau d’Eau is the first of Deskopolitan’s co-working spaces to launch, with Voltaire (global co-working concept was originally developed for voltaire, which ended up taking a larger form) due to follow in April 2018. MoreySmith has worked with Deskopolitan to develop a global coworking concept that supports and strengthens brand identity and the future development of the business. The global co-working concept established key design principles and developed a range of distinct styles (vintage, industrial and modern) to bring a diverse range of environments that can be tailored to location and market”, says Morey-Burrows.
Spread over three floors and a whopping 4,430 sq ft MoreySmith has conceptualized each floor with something unique. Right from the buzzing welcome the coffee bar on the ground floor gives visitors, to the external courtyard on the mezzanine level, each nook and corner is packed with surprise design elements. The space packs a punch through a heritage inspired barber shop and a bike store with shower and change facilities! “Each floor offer a range of flexible work environments including open plan desk areas, private phone booths, video conference and AV meeting rooms, collaborative open meeting and breakout spaces”, explains Morey-Burrows.

The inspiration for the interiors and general design language was formulated through careful collaboration between MoreySmith and Deskopolitan. Primarily drawing from the rich cultural heritage of the building, specifically the circular geometry found within the iconic Voltaire entrance gates, the design elements showcase the culture through metal work, wall panels, door handles and balustrading. The result is an industrial style open contemporary space. While working with historic buildings is always hard, MoreySmith’s experience with period properties enabled them to retain as much of the originality of the building as possible. “Being able to retain

as much of the existing fabric of the property as possible adds character and unique personality to the spaces. New contemporary materials including exposed glazed brick tiles, exposed concrete, burnished brass, and finely finished industrial mesh, complement the existing features such as the structured timber ceiling in the double height space, steel columns and metal warehouse style window frames throughout. The upper floors of the building have great volume of 3.5m with oversized floor-to-ceiling windows plus a huge skylight on the top floor. The abundance of natural light was harnessed by a fresh colour pallet, contemporary modern furniture and fittings and state of the art technology.
The modern and edgy design practice draws inspiration from all over the world—different cultures, lifestyles, design, art and nature. Currently, they are working on some exciting new projects including a new headquarters for a global luxury brand, a marketing suite for a major regeneration project in West London, a hotel project in the West End and several others.

The modern and edgy design practice draws inspiration from all over the world—different cultures, lifestyles, design, art and nature.