May, 2017


Block printing by hand is the simplest, earliest and slowest of all methods of printing textiles. But the results it yields on fabrics like cotton, silk and linen is truly mesmerising and arguably incomparable to any other printing technique. Ankit Chitlangia, owner of the studio, Sapphire Fashion, approached Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio with a brief of transforming his 1,200 sq ft Jaipur space into a personal office as well as a place designers could use to design a wide variety of hand printed textiles. Traditionally an exporter of such textiles overseas, Chitlangia creates and exports.products including clothing for kids, women, beach wear, toys, accessories, bed and bath linen among other products. He transforms fabrics into striking pieces using traditional Indian motifs on European influenced pastel coloured fabric bases. Bakiwala used this basic idea as the central theme while transforming the space.An open floor plan was created with a working studio and an office without any visual barriers dividing the two spaces. All the design elements including wallpaper, furniture, flooring, display unit etc. portray the traditional motifs of nature woven in English colour schemes of pastel greens and blues,explains Bakiwala.

A wooden sagwan door with matched curved wooden handles and a hand block printed wall welcome a visitor into the space. A perspective arched glass door connects the studio and the entrance. The table acts as a working station for the designer, placed in the exact centre of studio with customised chairs (by Art dnox), so that they can design and sample their products simultaneously. The table's natural wooden colour polish gives a rustic feel enhancing productivity and creativity, elaborates Bakiwala. The fun element is brought in through the coloured upholstery of the chairs (from F&F) and bright coloured cushions. Inspiration is further given to the working designers through a free standing display unit with adjustable shelves. The opneness in units helps the designer to envision the product colour and print in terms of open spaces. To inspire the designers, eclectic touches were added to the rope made from cloth waste to the top and bottom of vertical bars which also adds texture to the unit, says Bakiwala.

The walls and flooring of the space contribute visually to the space. Pastel coloured wallpapers (sourced from Ralph Lauren), S-brown sandstone flooring makes the space inviting. Further, the walls have been adorned with a stellar piece of artwork showcasing a horse as well as stunning carpets cutomised from Jaipur Rugs doubling up as wall hangings and as floor coverings. The washroom breaks free from the colourful theme and provides an area of calm, a place to gather one's thoughts. The wash basin is designed in S-brown sandstone and wall tiles are imprinted with full traditional Indian motifs to subtly connect with the overall theme. All accessories and toiletries have been procured from Good Earth.

The entire space has been designed to elevate the spirit of designers, keep them inspired and reflect the studio's energy, passion and creativity. Combining this overarching goal, while reflecting Indian motifs and elements of hand block printing throughout the space proved to be the biggest challenge. However successful execution of the space has helped the client move from a purely managerial role to something more creative. Through this project we were able to influence our client on many levels and bring serenity in their working style as well. He has been quoted saying that the setup we created for him could not have been more perfect, Bakiwala signs off.

The entire space has been designed to elevate the spirit of designers, keep them inspired and reflect the studio's energy, passion and creativity.