Makeover Magic 1

August, 2017



Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal,
Architects and Partners, DCA

In this living room makeover project by Group DCA, the idea was to restructure the home to suit the growing needs of the family. "We wanted to design an eclectic abode for the residents in conjunction with their individual preferences and needs", says Amit Aurora. Handcrafted and reclaimed wood furniture were accentuated by exclusive rugs, artifacts and accessories sourced from travels across India and abroad. Textures further accentuated the art pieces with strategic use of light and shadow. The space was opened out to incorporate more light into the premises, unlike before. An ornate medieval chandelier added to the décor of the living room. "Focusing on delivering design excellence and innovation in every material and element, we chose to ensure quality through time and project management. We were aiming at redefining the spaces by enhancing aesthetics and emotion", said Rahul Bansal. Every element was designed in sync with the context and concept of the place.

The living room has gothic
influences in its design.
Gayatri Sekhri, Creative Head,
Pomegranate Designs

The space was designed 10 years ago; this makeover infused refreshing colours to uplift its look. Playing around with colours, materials and art, the designers worked towards creating a luxurious feel. "We transformed the walls by playing with colours that uplift the feel of this living space and add an oomph factor", said Gayatri Sekhri. The space showcased high gloss furniture, use of brass and semi-precious stones to lend an artistic look. "We catered to the overall feel of the space rather than individual pieces. The solo items were consolidated to add aesthetics to the space", added Sekhri. The furniture was replaced to fit the new material palette like veneer, PU paint, and the changed tone of laminates.

The golden furniture accentuates the
rich colour scheme.


Neemesh Shah, Principal Architect, KNS Architects Pvt. Ltd

Adding the right amount of colours to make a statement, KNS Architects changed the character of this dining unit. "The interiors are an ensemble of various forms and colours. The colour scheme was conceptualised as bright and clashing yet harmonious in the overall scheme", said Neemesh Shah. The modern-contemporary furniture maintained the same novel spirit. The forms chosen were fluid and sleek to create a lighter and a more spacious feel. The designer laid excessive importance on artistic elements used to redo this home. Quirky wall treatments and artistic furniture pieces were added to create a buzz. The dining area also used an intense colour splash in the form of art and furnishings. In line with the rest of the apartment, the dining area radiated energy making it a fun and lively niche for its users.

The dining room
chairs make
a statement
with their quirky
Kaushal Chauhan, Architect and
Interior Designer

Playing on the unique points of this space, the height was chosen as an accent to work around. "We decided to enhance that in our design by having continuity from top to bottom, ceiling to walls so that the shell looks kind of monolithic, elegant and it will enhance the space and the volume", said Kaushal Chauhan. The volume and proportion of the dining area was given much thought. As the dining area was set in the living room, it blended with the design elements of carved furniture, mouldings and cornices. To create the fusion theme, vintage motifs were executed in modern materials. Even the woodwork of the ceiling and the centrally hidden air-conditioning ducts were carefully designed to accommodate the dining area. To give the effect of a modern sheesh mahal, small triangular mirrors were laid to form a fluid pattern that helped add character to the living room and dining area equally.

The mirrror
backdrop to
the dining area
makes for a
unique element.


Ankush Aggarwal, MD,
Ansa Interiors

Going contemporary the minimalist way, this kitchen designed by Ansa Interiors gave functionality the most importance to aid the process of cooking; 'the work triangle' was given special attention. "The fridge, cook top and sink, all three have to form a triangle with uninterrupted walking flow to provide an uninterrupted kitchen layout", explained Ankush Aggarwal. The entire process of doing a kitchen makeover revolved around the layout and even the personalities of those who cook. This space included moveable elements that could be accessed and cleaned easily unlike the previous static kitchen systems. "A well-designed kitchen is laid out and planned with comfort and function kept in mind at all times. The layout will affect the person who does the cooking the most. The space needs to fit his or her cooking style and needs", said Aggarwal. To do a trendy kitchen, opt for high-end technology in regular kitchenware like an integrated refrigerator or a dishwasher; chimney, or deep fryer; induction cook plate or an inbuilt oven-microwave to ease kitchen processes.

This kitchen is designed
keeping in mind ‘the work
Shami Goregaonkar, Project
Manager and Design Strategist,
GA design

Modern kitchen design is a combination of materials and colours, which have to work in harmony with the methodical kitchen style. The kitchen in focus was a narrow long space with a parallel counter layout and a tall unit for built-in electronic items like fridge, microwave and oven. The designers wanted this kitchen to not just be a culinary hotspot but an interesting feature of the apartment. To make the kitchen match the rest of the apartment, orange was used as an accent colour. Steel grey granite was used on the counter top to add some sheen to the space. The overhead storage counters were done in white PU, in order for them to merge with the white walls. "The idea was to create a stylish kitchen not just in terms of the looks but also how it feels when used", says Shami Goregaoker. Subtle lights inside the cabinets formed an unusual feature that wasn't present before. White vitrified tiles for flooring completed this modern kitchen design to look fresh and tasteful.

The long kitchen top
allow space for open