Modern Take

January, 2018


Pizza Social - The Interior Workshop 6

For Pizza Social’s 1,200 sq ft place in Surat by Sizzling Bite Venture the first choice was undoubtedly The Interior Workshop. The client’s brief called for a peppy and casual look. They wanted it to be recognised as a spot perfect for the millennials, a fusion of modern and traditional ambiance.

Pizza Social - The Interior Workshop

In designing the restaurant, The Interior Workshop aimed to stretch the boundaries of what was sustainable and relevant; understand space and how people interact with it; explore materials and new way to use them. “We started the design thinking “Modern Indian” and what its definition could be. We looked for exposed and rustic materials like a brick wall, MS cantex jali, aggregate, exposed electrical pipes, pattern tiles and reinterpreted them to suit the requirements of a modern restaurant,” said Tejas Mistry, Principal Architect, The Interior Workshop describing the design process.

Pizza Social - The Interior Workshop 1

The floor presents a burst of colours in the form of a collage of vintage tiles. The main door is made of glass and colouring films, even the handle has an old world look. While the skills are conventional, the design sensibility showcases contemporary interpretation in a subtle yet evocative environment.

Pizza Social - The Interior Workshop 3

The brick wall flanking the console has small bricks jutting out. The simple layout offers a variety of seating which youngster prefer. The colour palette uses shades of blue, yellow and grey. The most sober and catchy part is the ceiling. The ceiling is roughly finished with putty texture and has exposed electrical pipes. The ceiling has Warli art paintings which add antiquated look of the restaurant. The design ensures that people come to look at the place as much as to eat the food. Entering into this modern fusion of a space, the design is definitely yummy.

 Pizza Social - The Interior Workshop 4