The perfect brew

February, 2018


Loud in its location, subtle in its tea, Tasse De Thé is the newest entrant in the iconic Flora Fountain in Mumbai. The space is a total of 3,100 sq ft area; 2,350 sq ft for a tea curating café and retail outlet and the rest for kitchen and services. The café is mainly divided into two sections: the retail is the first while the café is the second. On entering, one is greeted by a rectangular corridor that has an exquisite display of tea tin displays, tea sets and other antiques on both sides. It is divided in the centre by 17th century Greco-Roman antique furniture.

Inspired by the classical Parisian cafés, the interiors are refreshing with pastel colours and a dainty look. Greeted by a french façade, the intricate swirls and curves of the glass door set the tone for the journey indoors.

The soaring heights of the indoors are capitalised by the rich design of decorated hammerbeam roof trusses, cured braces and moulded beams. Another influence straight from Paris is the huge tea selection that forms a backdrop to the retail tea bar. Intricate carvings of the 18th centruy adorn this space that has a collection of over 300 crafted wellness teas.

A beautifully-carved metal embossed ceiling with elaborate mouldings paired with panelised walls. A warm linen hue along with antique mirrors and pictures with gilded frames complete the look. Splashes of colour have been added to the patina finished arches and stained glass on the arched windows on the wall.

Intricate English Gothic windows on the wall with chambered oculi and quarter foil-shaped roses in stained glass add a new momentum to the play of light. The white walls and creamy mouldings with subtle gold accents epitomise French sophistication and simplicity. The ornate patina curved arches that flank the seating area create a bold, yet subtle statement to the French décor.
In the café interiors, the flooring changes to a chequer board pattern with alternating grey and white tiles, instead of the usual black and white tiles, to tone down the flooring colour and highlight the beautiful marble-topped furniture with its intricate decorative cast iron bases and the peach upholstered chairs with the oval back.

Intricate marquetry and floral designs are banded by geometrical trims, circumscribed by oval or round medallions with ornately-carved legs. Ample light floods the interiors through delicate crystal chandeliers which are ubiquitous in Parisian style décor.

Inside, the café features a second bar, which is a place to meet up with friends for a cup of exclusively curated tea or to savour the flavours of the morning breakfast, lunch or dinner menus.The second bar features a beautifully-themed wrought iron balcony with cast iron two-seater outdoor seating. The back wall contains mirrored arches.

This bar mainly brews the different types of teas available at the retail outpost. Tasse De Thé is not just another brand trying to make a mark but one that is built on a promise. One that dares to challenge the ideas around wellness teas and one that perfectly balances affability with luxury.