Urban Revival

March, 2018


A culmination of the industrial grunge look from its flagship outlet, The Urban Foundry comes to maximum city. Spread across 4,300 sq ft, Pune’s beloved brand, recently launched in Colaba, Mumbai. Talking about the brief, “The owners, Sangram, Hrishikesh and Suryabhan wanted us to fuse the industrial style of The Urban Foundry with the classical style of the heritage structure,” said Rushabh Parekh, Principal Designer, RPDS.

The entrance of the building is adorned by eye-catching elements from Goth and Venetian styles. One enters into the mid-landing area and are guided into the restaurant or up towards the bar. The restaurant space is planned to hold six-seater booths, a large community seating for ten people and a lounge space set up like a living room.

The bar upstairs is planned as a 23 feet long bar, holding a dining ledge mixed with some distant seating options.In keeping with the overarching industrial theme, the space is layered with thick structural walls and metal columns. Metals such as Corten steel panelling and wire mesh are used in excess to get the foundry feel.

However, keeping the structure in mind, these rusted metals have been finished with a certain delicateness using grove and bolting details and tons of brass accents. The placement of rough-hewn bricks is highlighted by washed LED lights. The wall finishes in flat concrete textures, wired glass tops and concrete screens with other featured materiality.

The vaulted ceiling is finished in concrete and wood, while stencilled and bevelled glass windows add to the eclectic characteristics of the space. “The uniqueness of the project is its lacking adherence to a single architectural school of thought. A post-modernist approach is taken to create an eclectic space.

The biggest challenge was working with a heritage property, which did not allow for any major civil changes. We had to identify spaces and plan circulation and movement only through loose furniture.

Another big challenge was to fuse the classical style with the industrial grunge using the right materiality with extensive detailing and carry out multiple mocks and samplings before final execution,” Rushabh signs off. Industrial crank tables, locally-crafted chairs, exposed pipe lighting mixed with Victorian style brass lamps complete the space.