The very best of Salone Del Mobile 2018

May, 2018


As with every April, Salone del Mobile was held in Milan this year, from April 17-22. The Salone, founded in 1961 as a vehicle for promoting Italian furniture and furnishings exports, is one of the most keenly awaited events in the world of furniture. This year’s edition showcased top international and Italian designers, architects and studios. With ‘renewed dynamism and optimism’, the event paved the path for futuristic designs.

Keeping Milan at the centre of the process of renewal, this year’s trade fair spearheaded a new approach and strengthened the process of globalisation. Galleries, design firms and studios and independent designers held thousands of openings, which were spread throughout the city.
Here are our top picks from the 57th edition of the event:

Peter Pichler Architecture 
Future Space
The Milan-based architecture and design firm created a temporary pavilion, weighing 12 tonnes, with more than 1,600 wooden beams. Symmetry, geometry and proportion, the three fundamental elements of the Renaissance, have been the inspiration behind the design. The pavilion is made of three curving walls arranged together to form a pyramid-like structure. The project explores the potential of wood in a non-typical “building” environment to transmit a spatial experience.

Panter & Tourron
Lausanne-based design studio Panter & Tourron created spiritual objects that connect ancient religious symbols with cutting-edge technology for Milan. Launched at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, each of the five products represents various spiritual phases: the act of joining in (becoming a believer), the purification ritual, the offerings to the gods and communication with them and the afterlife. Each device is a reflection of the designers’ fascination with a communion of technology with the pre-digital world. The products included an amulet, a votive altar and an incense burner.

Erez Nevi Pana
Vegan Design – Or the Art of Reduction
This unique exhibition by Israeli designer Erez Nevi Pana was presented at Spazio Sanremo. His creations were a response to an important question: is it possible to conceive design without using any kind of material derivated from animals? A vegan himself, he proved that with the right approach, it is an achievable task. Smart ideas and research helped Erez Navi steer clear of using any product that contained animal molecules. His experiments breathe life into functional objects that are life-friendly, elegant and beautiful. He uses plant substances and minerals to assemble his pieces.

Horah - Light Installation by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay
Raw-Edges, the London-based studio, decided to continue the legacy at Milan’s Spazio Krizia and focus on a light installation for this space. The space came alive with over 30 dancing lights, assembled from curved ‘leaves’ in casted glass. The pivoting movement of the ‘leaves’ created a repetitive yet transforming piece of glittering installation. Inspired from the traditional Israeli dance form called Horah, the dancing lights create synchronised, rhythmic shapes. Yael and Shay, both originally from Israel, created these lights specially for the exhibition. However, the designers hope to create a production version soon.

By Koket
Tabu Cocktail Table 
Go Whimsical living room with the Tabu Cocktail Table. Sensual gold chromium legs stretch out beneath a sophisticated bronze glass top to create the perfect conversation starter for your next cocktail party.

Hypnotic Sconce 
This sleek and elegant sconce hypnotises all who lay eyes on it. The intricately fashioned golden spirals weave elaborately within the sharp polished lines of the hexagonal silhouettes. The graceful pattern of cut polished brass details beautifully compliments the artful light’s bronze glass panels.

Reve Mirror  
Poetry of design lies in the creation of illusions. Lust after the Rêve 3, sister to the original 2-tiered Rêve mirror, nished in a trio of metals, unleashing the rules of reality and giving you the power of self-exploration.

Serpentine Sconce  
Slithering up the wall, the Serpentine Sconce’s coiled polished brass tail appears as if it may unwind at any moment. This sconce is sure to add a sense of primitive exoticism to any space.

Isabella Puff  
Each of these fashionable pouf stools features their own unique combination of contrasting materials. Tailored button tufted seats, polished brass belts and flowing fringed skirts make these lovely ladies the perfect accent seats whether they stand alone or in a group.

Serpentine Mirror    
Be transformed as you gaze into the Serpentine’s pear-shaped mirror. Framed in a coiled polished brass serpent form with a black jewel eye, this mirror is the perfect way to add a touch of exoticism to any interior setting.

Kodai Iwamoto
Plastic Blowing
Tokyo-based designer Kodai Iwamoto had always been curious to understand what would happen if an old manufacturing process meets mass-produced material. The Plastic Blowing project was a result of his question. Plastic pipes were transformed into pieces of art by applying air pressure and heat. The designer believes the hand-making process gives the pipe, otherwise an ordinary mass-produced object, a new life and value.

Marten Baas
BHSD Collection
This collection of glass monsters was Dutch designer Marten Baas’ response to Czech glass manufacturer Lasvit’s ‘think monstrous’ brief. The ‘monster’ collection, which took nearly two years to be transformed into glass, won the Milano Design Award for best installation. The creations are inspired from the recent fossils of monster beasts found between layers of clay and sand in The Netherlands. No wonder the colourful, glass monsters are named like scientific discoveries: BHSD-001,  BHSD-002  and

Sanwa Company
The Impact of Compact
Japanese brand Sanwa presented its new collection of ‘compact’ kitchens with cutting-edge technology. The new range combines sophisticated, contemporary and minimalist design, typical of the Japanese tradition. This line of extremely compact kitchens is capable of creating wonder even in a small living space.

Breath of Light
Preciosa is newest design was a dynamic, playful lighting installation called Pearl Drops.
This statement lighting piece by designer Frank Tjepkema was classic in its reference to pearls but modern in the simplicity of its overall shape.

Leading contemporary rug brand STEPEVI collaborated with Italian architect Carolina Nisivoccia to create a playful installation that is designed by the acclaimed interior designer, Juan Montoya. Inspired by the night skyline, ‘Moonlight’ featured four enchanting designs crafted from wool and high-quality viscose.

Vitra presented the exhibition with ‘Typecasting’ in the former sports arena La Pelota. The designer Robert Stadler, who curated and staged the exhibition, created an expansive panorama of around 200 objects, drawing on the extensive Vitra archives to juxtapose current products with classics, prototypes, special editions and future visions. The show places a central focus on the social function of furniture in society.