Going Natural

November, 2011


"We import stone from 40 countries and offer 500 varieties of natural stone  and 150 engineered stone products," says Subodh Shah, Director, Classic Marble. He speaks to CW Interiors about the industry and more…

Could you provide an overview of the industry and your share in it?
The Indian marble industry has grown substantially over the last decade in terms of product, quality, sales and service and logistical support. It is also improving its aftersales services, with an increased focus on building and maintaining client relationships. The unorganised nature of the market makes it difficult to estimate the percentage company share. But, we import natural stones from 40 countries, offer 500 varieties of natural stones and 150 engineered stone products; we also export engineered products to five continents and more than 25 cities in the world. This gives an idea of our footprint and scale of operations.

What is the latest trend in flooring?
Eco-friendly products are being favoured globally. Engineered marble made from natural marble powder is becoming the  preferred choice for its green qualities, timely supplies and consistency in material. Also, quartz, which is a good looking, durable and easy to maintain stone, has lately gained popularity for application in areas prone to high footfalls and weathering. We offer 70 different varieties of quartz surfaces.

Which is the most popular stone?
Marble has topped the list for various reasons for centuries. Due to its amazing features and choices, it has rapidly been gaining immense popularity and becoming the perfect choice for several construction options. Moreover, this popular material is being extensively used for various commercial and residential applications amongst which flooring, walls, counter tops, table tops, roofing, handicrafts and furniture are the most common. Gaining precedence over other materials, natural marble and engineered marble share a high percentage of usability worldwide.

What are the various natural stones available at Classic Marble?
Classic Marble provides about 500 varieties of natural stones: natural marble, granite, onyx and travertines in several colours and hues; and exotic varieties like Staturio, Monte Pucciano, Crema Marfill, Classic Beige from marble; Mozzart Chiaro, Blue Bahiya and Amonzonite from exotic granite; besides Jade Onyx, Mango Onyx and Amber Onyx; Golden Travertino, White Travertino, Beige, Walnut, Tiger Travertino, etc.

Which is Classic Marble's most innovative product?
In the natural category, we explore newer regions and tie up with multiple quarry owners to expand our product range. In the engineered stone category, innovation comes from using the latest manufacturing technologies and our European design team, which constantly introduces newer trends and patterns.