Nature's symphony

November, 2012


Dive into the luxury and beauty of this Indore residence designed by Architect Vikrant Bhawsar.

Who does not dream of living in a spacious home, surrounded by the charms of nature? Architect Vikrant Bhawsar took his cue from this idea to design the Sachdeva residence in Indore. Located in the posh area of the race course, this 3,000 sq ft expansive penthouse wears a simple, clean, purely functional, nature-inspired look. "The client wanted a spacious home with lot of natural light coming in and adding depth to the vibrant colours which have been used. The penthouse area was about 2, 200 sq ft and the rest was an open terrace. The western side of the house, with its views of the skyline, was used as the garden area," shares Bhawsar.

Clean lines

The house is a neat mix of contemporary style with a dash of rustic elements. Upon entering the house, a Buddha statue placed at the entrance extends a warm welcome to the visitor. The living area is spacious. Attached to the kitchen and a terrace garden, it is equipped with a home theatre and can accommodate seating for 10 people comfortably.

An artificial fire place and brick pattern wallpaper add a dramatic touch to the exclusive drawing room, furnished with modern sofas and tasteful paintings. Referring to the rustic elements that give the house its character, Bhawsar says, "Rustic elements like a patch of travertine, exposed brick etc give a break to the free flowing shades of white and the otherwise delicate look of the house."

The dining area and kitchen are placed in front of each other and are well-connected. A counter top for breakfast with a bar stool, and also the cubical patch of travertine give the kitchen and dining area a contemporary rustic look. The Corian jaali works as a smart design bifurcation for the living and dining areas.

Slumber in style

Like the rest of the house, the bedrooms are also spacious, clear of clutter and functional. The children's room has a cheerful white and purple theme, with a study area and plenty of storage. In other bedrooms, white is teamed with subtle shades of beige, grey and blue.

Garden party

The most enchanting area of the house is the open terrace with a pergola, water fountain and beautiful landscaping, an infusion of nature that helps to relieve stress and lulls you into a peaceful state of mind. This nature-inspired design echoes in every area of this penthouse in the form of wallpapers, use of materials, etc.

Focused design

Creating a unique style with the amalgamation of contemporary and rustic elements was a challenge for Bhawsar, overcomed through the aesthetic use of colours and materials. "The main focus was to create a high-end, uncluttered, free flowing, pristine white living space with accents of colours, using a range of materials like Corian, wallpaper, rustics, Italian marble, wood, glass and steel," explains the architect.

The Sachdeva residence delivers upon its promise to pamper its resiˇdents with its luxurious, tasteful dTcor.

Total Area: 3,000 sq ft, incl 800 sq ft garden space
Total Cost: Approximately Rs 65-70 lakh
Text: S Iyer
Photos: Abdul Razul Stationwala

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Meet the designer: Vikrant Bhawsar & Sapna Bhawsar

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