Smart Salon

July, 2013


Berlin has a stylish new salon with sculptural mirrors and a play of material and light.

With a design brief to make 'something extraordinary', this project came as a huge challenge for the designers of German studio karhard architecture + design. Beautifully executed, this hair salon for Viktor Leske International in Berlin is a perfect example of creative minds striving for a functionally efficient workspace.

Mirror image
The highlight of this design is the suspended mirrors that create a pair of two-sided styling stations in the large front room, constructed from a combination of black steel and oxidised stainless steel. The mirrors curve down from the ceiling, creating a visually stunning element of design. A materials palette of concrete and steel is used for the surrounding surfaces of the room. The floor is concrete, while wooden ledges line the walls to provide seating areas. A concrete lectern forms a reception desk. The salon exudes a warm, minimalist ambiance with touches of creativity.

Psychedelic backroom
A few stairs lead up to a second room at the back of the salon, where a hair-washing area is surrounded by illuminated panels that change hue from blue and green to pink, purple and red. The wall, made from glass and mirrors can be rhythmically lit by programmable LEDs. For those who are awaiting their turn in the stylist's chair, the waiting period can be a time to unwind thanks to a black bar that comprises the waiting area!

The stylish design of the salon turns a simple grooming exercise into an experience to look forward to!

Construction area: 65 sq m
Architects: karhard architecture + design
photos: Stefan Wolf Lucks.
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