Auto Home

July, 2013


Sandeep Singh, Vice President, Lifespace BU, Schneider Electric India takes us through the beauty of automation for homes.

Please throw some light on the home automation sector in India... The home automation market in India is estimated at about Rs 200 crore and it is growing at the rate 10-15 per cent per annum. A majority of this growth is coming from tier-II cities of India.

Tell us a bit about your company and its offerings in the home automation sector. Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management, with a worldwide presence. Our organization has 31 factories in India. Schneider Electric in India, with its network of sales offices, customer service departments and system integrators across India, can offer the best of pre- and after-sales services to its customers. The LifeSpace business unit of Schneider Electric offers the most comprehensive solutions which include Wiser Homes with C-Bus, KNX and DALI wired solutions, EZInstall3 ZigBee true retrofit wireless solutions and a complete range of standĦalone sensors and time switches. With these systems, one can have home automation functions like individual lighting and scene controls, shutters and blinds, time-conĦtrolled functions, power monitoring, audio/video integration, security, temperature controls, mobile/iPad controls, any third party integrations, and detection and control with sensors.

What is the most advanced home automation system by your company?
Schneider Electric offers the most advanced control system, called C-Bus. The biggest advantage of the C-Bus lighting system is that it has distributed intelligence. Each input module has its in-built, non-volatile memory; hence, even if one of the modules fails, the balance system continues to work. In other systems that have a centralized memory module or processor, on the other hand, the whole system stops functioning in case of failure of central processor. The C-Bus system works on standard UTP Cat 5 cables which are easily available and economical too. The C-bus system, unlike others, also offers input modules having the same aesthetic finishes as those of other wiring devices like power and data sockets. C-Bus from Schneider is also supported by an in-house team of strong design engineers, the largest network of skilled system integrators and an in-house after sales service department.

What is the best selling product in the home automation sector?
Our best selling products are the C-Bus lighting control dimmers and relays, which are most commonly used in residential spaces.

What is the power consumption of the above systems?
The Schneider system works on extra-low voltage and consumes few milliamps of current; in fact, this system helps save energy by dimming and switching off the lights when not required.

What is the cost of installing the above systems in a 2 BHK flat of about 1200 sq ft?
The installation cost in a 2 BHK apartment, on average, can cost anything between 1.5 to 2.5 lakh depending upon the level of automation required by the end customer.