July, 2013


H&R Johnson has announced the launch of ceramics panel business, offering ceramic products that address customer needs beyond the conventional use of ceramic tiles in bathrooms. The business is branded Johnson Kr@ft and is rolling out across West India 80 cm x 40 cm ceramic panels created by integrating Advanced Ceramic Technology and Design concepts. Specially-made 40 cm x 40 cm compatible flooring panels are also available. As part of the launch, Johnson Kr@ft is offering four new collections: decorative wooden panels, modular marble panels, rock plates and exclusive wallpaper effects.

Ascent Decor Pvt Ltd (ADPL) has launched Rumors, a top-of-the-line designer furnishing brand that is masterfully created with careful attention to detail. The first brand to be directly launched by the manufacturer, Rumors furnishings will be produced at a state-of-the art composite textile mill equipped with superior technology from Europe. Besides the solid backing from the mills, which has successfully produced fabrics of superior quality for the past 15 years, the company is also setting up new manufacturing capacities to ensure continued, consistent quality output at all times.