Made in India

November, 2013


Gunjan Gupta´s creative touch turns Indian crafts into objects d´art that appeal to the international market.

Gunjan Gupta has taken India to the international stage. With her designs showcased at prominent international fairs, she delights in giving the global audience a taste Indian design. Wrap, her seven-year old design practice, is considered to be India´s first contemporary luxury brand grounded in socially and environmentally sustainable principles. Gupta´s design house taps the vast potential of India´s traditional handicrafts to produce an exclusive ´Made in India´ brand that has won multiple international awards from the likes of Elle DTcor and the British Council.

Tell us about your collections that have been featured at international fairs.
Almost all my work has been showcased internationally at fairs, but amongst the key ones would be the Bicycle Thrones, Bori Sofa and Matka Tables. Inspired by the bicycle vendors of India that are framed in a halo of their own products and the tradition of recycling old bicycle parts to create new forms, the bicycle thrones act as playful narratives of Indian culture. The Bori Sofa, on the other hand, gives the jute sack a facelift by turning it into a stylish seat. It is upholstered in a blended fabric made of jute and linen.

The Matka tables are coffee tables made by artisans in New Delhi, featuring three red sandstone pot-forms inspired by India´s time-honoured matka ceramic, topped with removable copper trays. One matka has a decorative hole in one side. The series was created exclusively for Era Studio Apartment Gallery in Milan in 2013 as a limited edition of 10 sets.

Do you have anything specifically created for an international audience?
Most of my work plays the cultural narrative of India and is for a global audience.

Are your products available abroad?
Yes, the works are sold through , , Era Studio Apartment Gallery in Milan and the Dowers Brothers in London.

What kind of work or product is appreciated by the international market?
Something that is uniquely Indian yet very easy, practical and simple to use.

Do you have any product lines that are inspired by Indian architecture and culture?
All my products are inspired by Indian culture. The Eat Stacks are inspired by Indian architecture.

There are very few product designers in India. What do you think is the reason?
Indian design is still mostly led by the west and therefore one sees very little in terms of innovation. Inspiring and creative, it is gratifying to see India´s day-to-day activities, ubiquitous objects and local crafts translate into award winning products. All you need is the vision and drive...