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February, 2014


The ANJ Group´s office in Mumbai speaks of the company´s success and its soaring aspirations.

Breaking away from the regular humdrum city offices is the corporate office of a contracting firm ANJ Group in Mumbai. Inspired from the elements of a growing tree, the concept of the office symbolises boundless growth which perfectly matches the growth chart of the organisation. The office adopts neutral colours such as brown, grey and beige and what gives it oomph is Sapna Khakaria Gohil´s, Principal Architect, I and I Designs, attention to finishing and in-depth detailing, with a touch of art.

On entrance
The office welcomes its clients and visitors into an open and adequate reception area. Small gold-coloured cushioned seating faces the front desk. Visitors get a detailed glimpse of the company´s operations on an adjacent wall, which has pictures of the company´s projects displayed on a dark brown veneer panel.

Flowing space
The reception flows into the work space. The workstations, aligned along an axis, are supported by back-painted glass walls which contain storage spaces. Highlighting the advantage of common storage spaces, Gohil states, ´Individual storages were avoided to ensure minimal cluttering, given that we had limited space available.´

What differentiates these workstations from the others is the innovative use of lighting, which runs along the top edge of the work stations, through the walls, and branches out on the ceiling. It forms the main highlight of this area as it brilliantly repˇresents the branches of a tree. The neutral shades used throughout the office further accentuate the effect of the lighting. While the ceiling lights are made of barrisol, the rest are in acrylic.

On a serious note
Going ahead, to the right of the work space lies a carefully and aesthetically thought-out conference room. It is enclosed by a glass wall or frontage on one end with a design element running on it on the exterior. This design, too, vividly represents growth into infinity and beyond. The glass supporting this feature is opaque at the bottom, gradually getting transparent on the top another element that illustrates infinite expanses. Though the conference table looks plain at first sight, it is actually a back-painted glass with streaks of light running through it, ensuring sufficient visibility in the dark. Look above and you will find a funky chandelier hanging from the ceiling  a welcome and perfect contrast to the seriousness of the room.

The director´s cabin, too, makes smart use of space. The back-painted desk, supported by walls on two sides, allows optimum space utilisation. The sombre atmosphere is relieved by the colourful seats in the room.

On a lighter note
Proceeding further, one comes to the liveliest part of the office the pantry counter, which is tucked away to the right. Done up in bright colours and paintings, the area is conspicuously different from the rest of the office, which helps reinforce the sense of ´taking a break´ from work. An abstract collage, again signifying growth, adorns the space on the adjacent wall. The place is a splendid example of how colour, art and light can be mixed and matched to energise the atmosphere in regular work spaces. With a couple of red, blue, green and purple stools complemented by two round coffee tables, the area certainly is the one-stop solution to brush away stress.

The ANJ Group´s office, designed to symbolise growth, it is not just a great example of optimum utilisation of limited space. It is also a testimony that small spaces can be beautiful, differentiated and creative too!

text: Monisha Rao
I and I designs,
Kanu Kunj bungalow, lJ Road,
Next to Citylight cinema,
Mahim, Mumbai - 400 016.

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