Rustic charm

April, 2014


DCA Architects recreate an European style cafT in the heart of Delhi at the Amour Bistro.

If you want to experience the charm of the lively bistros of Europe, the recently launched Amour Bistro is the place to be. In this restaurant, DCA Architects invoke the energy of the Mediterranean and combine it with the breeziness of a cafT in Milan, French windows and European street style flooring to create one delectable destination that gives you a whiff of the west in Delhi itself. Luckily, this journey doesn´t require you to have a Schenzen visa !

Country style
The rustic outdoor fatade excites the inquisitiveness of passersby with a country style look. A rust iron door welcomes one into a design lovers´ haven. Seating is divided into two areas, each with a different shapes of tables. The stone floor complements the rustic look while floral cushions add an element of softness to the dTcor. Large glass-paned windows let in plenty of light, and lend the climate-controlled interiors a more outdoorsy feel. The designer has tried to maximise the view of the Banyan tree outside and made it feel like a part of the restaurant. Sheer curtains have been provided to control the light. The rows of flowering plants and the dash of greenery further add to the ambience.

Indoor Outdoor
´The client wanted a space which feels as open and spacious as possible in the given area,´ shares Navneet Randhawa Bajaj, Promoter, Amour Bistro. This resulted in the designers settling for an indoor outdoor theme. To highlight this theme, you have an installation of a musical trio of street style artists (a lady singer with her old style microphone, a saxophonist and a violinist) made of light-weight composite material that gives the feel of metal. ´This was an experiment, and it worked. If you ask me, it is the most charming dTcor element of the restaurant,´ Bajaj says.

Complementing elements
The furniture, made of restored teak wood in rough finishes, is the other highlight of the space. ´We were particular about using teakwood simply because it is not just long lasting but its grains are gorgeous,´ says Bajaj. A mix of wood and metal chairs have also been used to retain the bistro look. The wooden ceiling further accentuates the theme. Complemented with antique chandeliers, rough textured walls, flooring with different types and sizes of sandstone and metal that has the look of untreated iron, Amour Bistro´s interiors instantly relax your senses. So all you need to do is dig out your hats, slip on the summer dresses, and head out to the cool new bistro in town!

Total Area: 1200 sq ft.
Total Cost: Rs.90 lakh
Text: Sumisha Gilotra
photos Courtesy: DCA Architects
DCA Architects.
344, Sultanpur, New Delhi-110 030.
Tel: 011-2680 2444/45.
Amour Bistro, 10/48
Malcha Marg Shopping Complex,
New Delhi 110 021.

What´s HOT and What´s NOT?
The industrial look with lots of use of metal or use of organic materials or simply materials that are non retail shop materials is whats trending currently.

Stereotypical material from regular vendors and generic materials are totally out. So is the absolute straight line design and conventional lighting that consumes a lot of energy.