Calm and Creative

April, 2014


Interior Designer Rajesh Ranka delivers for this home in Pune a timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion.

Whoever thinks monochrome is boring definitely needs to have a look at this house in Pune for a reality check. In this house, the magic of white is enhanced with splashes of colour to produce a home that is not just dramatic, but also elegant and comfortable. ´While white walls give a very sophisticated look to the house, accessories complement the space by adding depth, at the same time creating a brilliant chemistry,´says Rajesh Ranka, Director, Ethics Interiors.

The challenge
Ranka was given a brief to design a house that would look spacious and adhere to the nuances of vastu shastra. He had to ensure that the living room and the terrace were the main highlights of the house and that the design would not be repetitive. ôThe challenge of creating a good design in residential projects is having original, classic and long lasting elements effortlessly woven together,´ explains Ranka.

Unfurling space
The living room has been given its desired predominance in the design by doing it in pristine white to create a visually spacious area. Australian marble flooring flows throughout the house. Contemporary ideas have been employed to design the Corian furniture. A comfortable earthy coloured sofa gets even more attention because of to the patterend wall behind it. A mosaic-clad TV panel in front flaunts a classy look with an interesting play of light, while CNC acrylic jaali cuttings accentuate its contemporary look at the side. The soft yellow lighting above casts a mellow glow on the white walls at night, turning the living room into a soothing, mood-evoking space.

The highlight
If the living room spells comfort, the terrace takes the comfort quotient even higher! To overcome the challenge of space con¡straints, Ranka has designed a vertical garden for the terrace, and fashioned a cosy nook for a sit-out space. Straight ahead, a beautiful statue of Buddha stands out against a backdrop of greenery. With this, the terrace indeed becomes a space where one can unwind, relax and chat after a long, exhausting day.

Personal spaces
The children´s room is playfully designed with pictures of the owner´s children positioned at the head of each bed. The fun factor is complemented by blue LED lights, which emit a young and lively feel. In the terrace that flows from the children´s room, there is a temple and a library neatly tucked away in the corner. The library area has recliners to ensure blissful reading.

Making space
Despite the fact that the rooms are very small, the house is cleverly designed to ensure ample space. A variety of space saving features have made this possible: A low bed hoisted on a platform in the master bedroom to save space; for the less used guest bedroom, a custom-made sofa-cum-bed which provides sufficient open space, and other such neat ideas.

The constraints of space did not deter Ranka from using different design elements create a subtle rhythm and differentiation for each area of the house. Each room boasts its own special element! For instance, while the living space flaunts a jaali design, the master bedroom gets a rich aura with leather on its wardrobe. The children´s room has a funky vibe, while the guest room is patterned with leaf engravings.

With this house, Ranka has certainly proven that limited space is no reason to restrain the design. Practical, space saving ideas and elegant design combine well even in small homes to produce an attractive living space!

Total Area: 1,460 sq ft.
Architect/designer contact: (0) 93710 03532
text: Monisha Rao
photos: Fuego Photography
Ethics Interiors, Parmar Trade
Centre, Sadhiwaswani Chowk,
Shop no 19, 20, Pune.
Tel: 020-2612 0758.

Meet the designer
Rajesh Ranka
Firm: Ethics Interiors was founded in 2000.
Firm specialisation: Residential and commercial.
Design philosophy: Simplicity is design.
Philosophy towards life: Life is
not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.
Favourite architect/Designer: Hafeez Contractor and Sanjay Puri.