Mechanical Marvel

June, 2014


In a time of great mechanical modernisation, Innofit has found a new way to improvise. Their new line of multifunctional Monitor Arm Stands are efficient and convenient. Here are some of their path breaking products:

Innofitt Ergonomic Monitor Stand
Monitor Stands from Innofitt are built to endure a longer life. With intelligent 5 Axis movement Height, Angle, Distance, Tilt and Multi-rotate that can easily be adapted to meet the unique needs of any userīs comfort. You get options for viewing landscape or portrait mode with the capability to revolve and adjust height as per user comfort.

Single, Dual and Four Arm Monitor Stands
Whether you need a single monitor arm or a multiple one, we have 22 models to meet your needs. The Innofitt Monitor Arm is strong and flexible enough to fit into any workstation or workspace. Our range includes the following:

Pole Mount
Single Arm Monitor Stand: Apart from the short link, mounting options such as a clamp or a flange are both available too.
Double Arm Monitor Stand: A two arm multi-functional desk mounted Monitor Stand is available in horizontal, vertical and short link.
Four Arm Monitor Stand: This four arm multi-functional desk mounted Monitor Stand is ideal for dealing rooms and NOC rooms.
All these Stands are available in Aluminium Series and Steel Series.
Partition/Wall Mount
Partition Mount: The Partition Mount monitor arm can directly be mounted on a partition. It is available with a single and double link.

Monitor Size, Weight & VESA Mounting
All our Monitor Arms meet VESA standards with 75mm x 75 mm / 100mm x 100 mm settings. These VESA plates will suit screens up to 23 inches. Each arm has the load bearing capacity of 10 kgs.

Maximise your desk space
The use of Monitor Stands allows you to reduce desk depth from 600mm to 450mm û enabling convenient utilisation of space.

Increasing workspace productivity, reducing occupational safety and health risks Ergonomic Monitor Stands are designed to offer solutions by enhancing the interface between technology and the human form. It minimises or in certain cases even eliminates stress through superior design.

Our monitor arms have LCD and LED monitors placed at an ideal height for different users (the top of the screen should be just below eye level) allowing the correct posture to be achieved. This reduces any related injuries making it better for your employees, and business as its practicality increases productivity.