Simply Gorgeous

August, 2014


Space Dynamix adds subtle colour play to give the interiors of a plush home a free flowing look.

The interiors of a home reflect the living standard and aesthetic sense of those who live there. With this maxim in mind, Ashutosh Wad and Manjunath Hathwar of Space Dynamix, Mumbai, have designed the interiors of a luxurious home in the city. The brief was to create an apartment with neutral hues and textures with a dash of colour through elements such as furniture, artefacts and lights. “The overall colour scheme had to be different from the typical beige, cream, white and brown,” shares Manjunath. The architect duo consciously selected a colour theme involving light grey, white and coffee hues. The focus was to make the space as free flowing as possible, the limited area and long list of requirements notwithstanding.

Interplay of elements
The spacious living room creates harmony between modern and contemporary ele­ments. The main feature wall here is clad in brown Armani marble with LED strip lights forming a random intersecting pattern. The interesting composition of metallic hanging lights forms the key feature in the dining arrangement while a bright red chair adds a dash of colour to the otherwise neutral colour theme of the living room.

The dining area is designed in such a way that it becomes food for conversation. The dining table base is an interesting fusion of left over materials used in the apartment else where. The Stone effect wallpaper on the dining wall is in complete contrast to the polished marble cladding on the opposite wall and the kitchen dado has bright red glass that echoes the vibrancy of the red chair in the living room.

The children’s room is youthful and fun. Organic shapes of its furniture break the monotony of straight lines in the room. While the vinyl installation on the wall highlights the interest in cars of the occupants of this room. “The yellow-grey striped wallpaper on the opposite wall further complements the colours of the installation. The ceiling of the children’s room has a random pattern with colour changing LED lighting coves to create drama,” says Ashutosh.

Light it up
The master bedroom flaunts a chic décor. The wall has an interesting pattern in white poly coating with protruding veneer panels with LED accent lights. The entire lighting of the apartment is an interesting mix of direct and indirect lights along with accent lighting for almost all spaces.

Interior design is all about making the best use of space to create interiors that are both beautiful and functional. The designs of Space Dynamix go beyond the mere decoration of walls and ceilings. The work of the architect duo involves harnessing their creative skills to make careful use of materials that impart an aesthetically pleasing and appropriate ‘mood’ to a given space.

Meet the designers
Ashutosh Wad & Manjunath Hathwar

Firm: Space Dynamix, founded in 2006.
Firm specialisation: Residential architecture; high-end residential, commercial and hospitality interiors.
Design philosophy: Satisfy client requirements in a unique and distinct manner, amalgamating them into a homogenous ‘whole’ in a minimalist & contemporary idiom; also incorporating the latest that technology has to offer.
Philosophy towards life: Live life Kingsize....humility forever.
Favourite architect/Designer: Sanjay Puri, Tadao Ando and Zaha Hadid.

Text: S Iyer
photos: Ravi Kanade

Tel: 022-2444 4300/4306.