Interpreting Images

August, 2014


Graduate designer Kine Solberg has designed window panels from circular glass lenses that manipulate photos of the landscape reflected across their surfaces. The aim was to optimise the amount of light entering through a glass surface, forming the panels from a series of rotating lenses that also distort the view through their surface. Circular convex lenses are suspended inside of two concentric metal frames to kind a gimbal mechanism – a technique that allows rotation close to more than one axis. Pivot points at the top and bottom connect the glass pieces to the first frame, further connections on either side join this middle frame to the outer ring. This system makes it possible for every lens to pivot in all directions, making a pattern of diverse views when joined with each other into a screen. Due to the convex shape of each lens, more of the reflected light is captured so a wider view of the scene is visible. The shape also flips the projected image upside down.