6 Creative Clocks that are sure mood-lifters!

November, 2014


A clock is an integral part of any space. And in recent times, these time telling machines have moved on from doing just that to lending a personality to the space. For lovers of quirk and creativity, here are 6 clocks from Artanddecors.com that not just tell you the time, but tell you that times have changed!

Animal lovers, here is a stunning glow-in-the dark wall clock that not just lends an unusual touch to your space, but also doubles up as a night lamp. Handmade, this wall clock by the iconic Taiwan based design studio, Haoshi, comes in a series of animal and bird designs. The glow resembles the soft moonlight while the fluorescent whitening agent lends a shimmer in daylight.

PRICE: Rs. 10,990
Ideal for jet setters, the Frequent Flyers Wall Clock displays four different time zones - New York, London, Hong Kong and Delhi. Retro styled, this clock ensures that one is always on top of time and never late!

PRICE: Rs. 9,599
Movie buffs, here is a clapper-board shaped digital alarm clock that is a must have! Designed just like a director's digital slate, this clock displays the date including the year and time with its bright numbers and cute font. Action it out!

PRICE: Rs. 8, 945
For those who believe in time being a 'stretched' concept, this one is perfect for you! The bright colours add a peppy touch. Also makes a perfect gift for those who are always late!

PRICE: Rs. 7, 099
This poster style designer wall clock on wood takes you back to childhood. Made in wood, this is also ideal for children’s room without being too childish.

PRICE: Rs. 7, 099
Tea-totallers, this one is for you! Inspired by the 1940's design style, this eye-catching wall clock with a tea pot design is suitable for traditional, retro and contemporary spaces. Bold and easy to read Arabic numbers make this clock a great addition to kitchens, hallways, pantries or even offices.

PRICE: Rs. 3,550