Of lights and colours

December, 2014


After dominating the airwaves, music now comes to you live, at the Indigo Live Music Bar (ILMB) in Bangalore. The city has a vibrant music scene, but often it is incidental to food, and plays in the background. ¨With ILMB, the idea is to come in for the music - and have a drink while you are here. Our top-end stage set up holds immense aspirational value in the music world today,¨ says Sanjay Prabhu, COO-Indigo.

Designed by Ed Godrich, Creative Director of Godrich Interiors, London, ILMB is inspired by the fun, young Bangalore. The décor is based on the chameleon like characteristics of the youth of today that blend into just about any social situation. This recurrent theme is what you will see all through the space.

Spread over approximately 9,690 sq ft over two floors, ILMB hosts live bands, EDM shows, DJs, fashion shows and in the near future it will have gaming championships on the fifth floor. The sixth floor has a semi-alfresco seating area with a giant-size screen and a centrally-placed lit-up bar.

Lights, music, design!
¨The main music and dance area on the fifth floor had to be enclosed and a part of the roof extended so that we could maximise the space,¨ explains Ed. ¨We closed all the windows so that interior lighting could play a strong role in the design scheme. The main area is lit with 250 factory lights that are kept on a low level to create a club atmosphere, along with a unique installation light sculpture. The look and feel is urban.¨

Two internationally renowned graffiti artists from UK - Ben Allen and Sickboy, have done up the walls around the seating area and the bar in their signature styles. The graffiti has been covered in glass to protect it and ¨spot-lit within the low lit space to create highlighted pockets of colour.¨

ILMB respects its musicians and has a green room just off the stage, complete with a leather couch seating arrangement and full- length mirrors with show lights. The VIP room on the other end of the stage is for those who would like to hang out with friends in a club, yet have a space of their own. A flat-screen TV, a Rubik´s cube styled table and a window that opens directly to the bar counter makes this space popular.

Décor for music
¨We wanted to produce a vibrant space and commissioned a lot of bright colours for the finishes, lighting and furniture. We utilised the natural bare concrete wall finish for an urban sophisticated look. The concept of music and fashion has been infused into every element. Vintage vinyls adorn the bar front, the artwork references musicians, designers and models,¨ says Ed.

The restrooms have custom-made tiles. While the men have the likes of Adam Lambert, LL Cool J and Glycerine looking down on them, the women have magazine covers on the tiles to browse through - Vogue, Elle and others. Distressed wood on the doors give them a run-down look.

3D experience
The showstopper feature at ILMB is the 3D stage backdrop. Manmohan Ganesh, CEO of PRO FX, says, ¨This is the first bar in the country to have a permanent 3D projection mapping system. Special video content has been created exclusively for Indigo Live by graphic artists in the UK. A staggered multi-level wall was created with a tiled effect. Three specially placed and carefully aligned shots through projectors mounted directly over the stage, project a single combined image across the 24 feet of the stage backdrop. The content is played off a special server that is synchronised to the sound system, so that the images react to the beat of the music creating random effects.¨

Point of view
Ed explains how the sixth floor was the ideal place to create an open air dining space with great views of Bengaluru. ¨We toned down the colours and chose a calming turquoise and teal palette. The concrete finish of the main area was refined into hexagonal coloured concrete floor tiles and the tables were made using hand finished veneers. Planters were built so that lush greenery could surround the diners and create a relaxed outdoor atmosphere.

We created an alternative version of the light installation above the centrally located bar. This element was refined by using lighter shaped glass shades.¨

Manmohan and his team completed the space with their high performance and high definition video wall that is 12 feet wide and 7 feet high.

ILMB brings together the unbeatable worlds of good music, great ambience and food to create a space that is much sought after. Be it musicians or simply those wanting a good time, ILMB´s décor very subtly caters to everyone.

Total Area: 3,000 sq mt
Text: Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

Meet the designer
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Philosophy towards life: ¨Always strive for something new and follow your instinct.¨ Favourite architect/Designer: We follow the blog and find it inspirational: http://www.anindiansummer.in

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