Spatial expressions

March, 2015


Vipul and Bhavisha Designs create an office design that underscores the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Sleek is the word that springs to your mind the minute you step into the new office designed by Vipul and Bhavisha Designs. The clean clear lines and soothing palette instantly adds a refreshing aspect to the interiors. The design offers comfortable space for the employees while giving them an ambience that is conducive to work efficiency.

Speaking about the client´s requirement, the designers share, ´The clients wanted us to do maximum justice to space without compromising on functionality and aesthetics. They wanted a design that would ´wow´ everyone without being flashy.

Their requirements
were precise and they relied totally on us for the décor..´ Apart from its functional aspects, the interior design of a space comes with a lot of philosophy and a hint of the user´s personality. Vipul Patel, Principal Designer, and Bhavisha Patel, Co-Designer, Vipul and Bhavisha Designs, explain, ´Every individual has a unique personality and needs a personal space to express it. This same maxim applies to design. What sets one design apart from the other is this individual choice and expression. We as designers believe that every space should have certain things that are unique to it by adding elements reflecting the personality of the person who occupies the space.´

With such a philosophy embedded in their design process, the team at Vipul and Bhavisha Designs set forth to work on the office interiors of DGM Group at Waghle Estate, Thane.

The design flow
´Working people spend more waking hours in their office than at home. You can´t thrive in a dull, confined and claustrophobic space. It either hinders the productivity or disturbs the mind. The space needs to be happy, relaxing and yet have a serious ambience,´ elaborate the Patels.

In lieu of this thought process, various elements in this office design flow in a gradual manner rather than stand out abruptly. The designers believe that aesthetics is important, but secondary and will hold no charm if the primary factors of functionality are not justified.

The office space is broadly divided into the reception area, workstation area, cabins and the enclosed terrace. The colour scheme for the interiors and pre-dominant use of veneer and laminates ensure that there is continuity of design across all these sections.

As per the client´s instructions, all the cabins were done up differently but with a finesse that help them blend with the rest of the space. The difference in the cabins´ interiors lies in the use of material that ranges from exotic Italian marble, back-painted glass and upholstered walls and veneer panel with backlit alabaster member detail.

´In the director´s cabin, partitions are done with sloping panels with indirect lights. The sales team cabins have floor-to-ceiling glass panels, giving a glimpse of the décor. within, while the conference area partition is done up in frosted glass. This column attaches itself to the waiting area as well as the personal secretary´s desk,´ says Bhavisha.

Doing up the details
The colour scheme plays an important role in this office design as the neutral palette of white, ivory and brown comprise a key element. Patterns and textures provide variation in form of marble, paints and glass. Splashes of wine colour are used to break the monotony.

Most of the furniture is done up in shades of white - from corian white to white core laminate and pearl white upholstery. The lighting comprises LED downlighters, pendant lights, LED strips and tubes.

The designers have revved up a good mix of materials used to give this office space a relaxed look. The base element for cladding is veneer and laminates in wooden finish and Italian marble for the directors cabin and the cladding for columns. Glossy white finishes in the form of laminates and duco paints have been used to lighten up the wood effect. Painted glass and wallpaper also form an integral part of the décor.. Except for the directors´ cabins, all the cabin partitions are made of full-length glass. For flooring, Italian marble is used in the directors´ cabins and reception area, whereas the staff area has Italian finish vitrified tiles. Conference area has been covered in carpet.

High point
The most unique and engaging aspect of this office décor. is the cabana-themed semi-formal seating arrangement on the terrace. The requirement for a dining area for clients and the need for a VIP waiting space were met with the idea of this terrace seating section. This considerably large space also has a gym set up.

While the terrace is the designers´ favourite nook, the décor. of this office didn´t come without its set of challenges. As the designers put it, ´The entrance to the office is a long passage instead of an open and welcoming space. The passage did not do justice to the large office. We had to match it with the largeness of the rest of the office. So, we clad one wall entirely with large mirrors, breaking the monotony with vertical and horizontal framework, and planters to liven it up. The other wall was covered in a huge panel with different frames displaying the client´s projects. The panels were highlighted with track lights from the ceiling.´

As the team at Vipul and Bhavisha Design concur, juggling with space is the bone of contention between functionality and aesthetics most of the time. And with this impressive office décor., the designers have proved that they can indeed juggle well.

Total Area: 2,800/ sq ft
Text: Kanishka Ramchandani
photos: Picturesque Photographic Works

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Meet the designers
Vipul & Bhavisha Patel
Firm: Vipul & Bhavisha Designs founded in 2009.
Firm specialization: Specialise in planning and designing of commercial and residential spaces.
Design philosophy: Design shouldn´t be just about what hits the eye; it should be about what feels right. Feels right not just this moment; but also right for time to come.
Philosophy towards life: Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives and few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of time.
Favourite architect/Designer: Charles Correa & Philippe Starck.