June, 2015


Move over yachts and sail-boats, Alexander Lotersztain’s foating platform, Waterscape is the new spot for a soiree in the sea. Industrial flotation products specialist Derlot has designed this original structure using low maintenance and long lasting materials that do not require antifouling. The components that can be disassembled and recycled have been created by casting weather-resistant plastics and metals in aluminium moulds.

Being a design-oriented elite line, the pristine white one-metre buoyancy compartments can be used to create a variety of shapes while special LED strips can be added around the edge for a spunky vibe. The anchor pads balance the device and ensures it stays in place and the special copolymer band protects the floor when moored.

Be it a business meeting or a laid back evening, Australia-based Lotersztain’s platform is chic, convenient and customisable as per the user’s requirements.