October, 2015


Woman Power
Zaha Hadid gets another feather in her already full hat by becoming the first women in 167 years to win the Royal Gold Medal award presented by the Royal Institute of British Architects for a body of work. More power to her!

UNESCO for India
India has won the top UNESCO prize ´Award of Excellence´ 2015 for the remarkable conservation efforts of the majestic Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple in Kerala.

LEGO Blocks to Build Rural Toilets
When French students Marc-Edouard Schultheiss and Alexandre Bouchet decided that they needed to teach the rural women of India to build toilets as a part of their humanitarian project, they faced several challenges of language, lack of education, etc. To counter these they came up with an innovative idea of creating sample models with LEGO bricks and bamboo! Where there is a willà there is a way!

Honeycomb Housing For Sadhus
Boston-based architect Scott Knox is planning to create pop-up housing for the sadhus of the Ujjain Kumbh. The housing will be solar powered and will collect rainwater through ducts for use in toilets and baths. He calls it the ´Honeycomb Village´ as the entire structure will be designed like a honeycomb.

Go Solar!
If availability of solar products was keeping you from going green, here is presenting SolarHippo, an online store exclusively for Solar Energy products, launched by the company Hippo Innovations. The e-commerce store is a one-of-its-kind marketplace for buying and selling solar products and promotes the usage of renewable and clean energy products in order to sustain our environment.