Time-honoured Transformation

November, 2015


Frame Publishers and Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam joined forces with i29 Interior Architects to give a creative centre in the historic Felix Meritis building a choice makeover.

i29 Interior Architects has opened its doors to its new creative project enlivening the monumental Felix Meritis residence in Amsterdam. The space that will host numerous events and exhibitions organised by both Frame Publishers and Foam Photography Museum also houses two retail spaces with a focus on fashion and design by the former.

Vintage variety
Amongst them, the Frame store offers a three-dimensional experience to the visitor; a creative and innovative universe that surprises and inspires. i29's work shows what good design can do, and is a celebration of beauty, functionality and accessibility through Frame's timeless products. The store stages new talents, new products and new brands from various genres where classic fashion, art and design will sit alongside new-age media, beauty and food.

Mirror mirror on the wall
The monumentality of Zuilenzaal, an attraction in itself, has been heightened through i29 Interior Architects' intervention. By transforming the space into a mirrored universe, the award-winning designers elevated and reflected its grandeur. The multiple use of mirrors throughout the monumental space stands for the reflection of time and history; the old versus the new. Products are presented on a series of island platforms with mirrored sides and black top surfaces with integrated black frames that seem to float through space. The main goal, the designers say, was to create a surreal world of reflecting elements without interfering with the quality of an immemorial environment.

Two large mirrored walls contain fitting rooms, a small art gallery and stairs that offer a different perspective for the visitors who take them, and those who see the former. The contradiction of this minimal and modest intervention creates a vibe of time travel while adding an extremly sharp and intense experience of the space.

i29 Interior Architects,