Fostering Teamwork

January, 2016


Radius Developers' new head office in Mumbai is designed to bring in international standards that inspire collaboration, infuse creativity and increase productivity.
Situated in the nerve centre of the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Radius at ONE BKC finds itself at the power axis of commercial centres. Its office is an elegant amalgamation of smart space and customisation - a mix of contemporary architecture and modern outlook. While the space was planned by Greg Farrell's global design firm, Aedas Architectural, the interiors were done by the in-house designer Sandeep Bhawsar.

Design ideation
The concept of the design was to develop sustainability through a simple and unique layout with a collaborative environment that nurtured a sense of community and belonging. The office boasts an open workspace and ample informal discussion areas. The work zones are highly functional with modular furniture for workstations that follow international ergonomic standard specifiˇcations for improved comfort and efficiency. Warm colours and natural light add to the engaging ambience of the workspace.

Every detail laid down by the client was taken into consideration while working on the design. Bhawsar and his team undertook all measures to meet the demands of the project and completed it in half the time that such a project would normally take.

Demarcating spaces
Each area of the office has been segregated and partitioned as per its specific use, like the provision of waiting areas and meeting rooms in the reception. Adjacent to the reception is the AV room, followed by the executive zone that comprises the secretary's desk and waiting area. Hidden behind the curved screen partition in this waiting area is a temple. An executive conference room and dining hall have been constructed next to the Managing Director´s office, especially for him and his visitors.

The staff working area can be entered through access controlled pocket doors that have been placed behind the four meeting rooms. While all workstations are in the middle, cabins have been limited to the periphery. A separate breakout space and pantry have been marked in the staff area. The spaces between the cabins, too, are fashioned as breakout areas for team discussions. The design department has been given the benefit of special motorised worktables with adjustable heights. Since the cafeteria does not have any natural light, bronze tinted mirrors have been used on the walls to create an illusion of light and space.

Lighting effects
The entire workspace follows an off-white theme, with laminate board tabletops and white powder-coated metal frames. While the oakwood finish laminate provides a calming vibe, the clear and transparent theme that has been used in the meeting rooms exudes profesionalism. The walls of the breakout area lend a sense of openness thanks to the cool colour palette. The carpet is recycled from fishing nets and is in a subtler tone for light reflection.

Better workplace lighting, both natural and artificial, has been linked to reduced absenteeism, a greater sense of well-being and higher productivity in employees. This has been put into practice with bay windows on either side of the staff work areas; and the designers have smartly used hanging tasklights, a special two-way light fixture that reflects light onto the ceiling as well as on the work surfaces.

The Radius Developers' office is a workplace that one would aspire to be in.

Total Area: 2,600 sq mt
Total Cost: Rs.21 cr
photos: Sandeep Bhawsar
Sandeep Bhawsar,
ONE BKC, 14th floor, Plot C 66,
G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai ű 400 051.
Tel: 022-2653 5700

Meet the designer

Sandeep Bhawsar
Design philosophy: Keep it simple but unique.
Philosophy towards life: Build around you.
Favourite architect/ designer: James Law and Raja Aederi.