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February, 2016


Vector Design's new Dubai office encapsulates teamwork and transparency through distinct sections in a big space.
The unparalleled sense of freedom and achievement felt by an individual while creating his own space can rarely be defined. Seema Machado of Vector Design will vouch for this feeling. After setting up shop in UAE and India, the interior design and fit-outs firm is currently on an expansion spree. Their new head office in the City of Gold reflects the values and maxims the firm swears by.

The aim of the layout was to add a sense of space, approachability and industrialisation. The idea was to allow anyone coming into the reception a view of almost the entire office space.

Sectional style
The entire space has been compartmentalised according to departments. Separate nooks for the design, sales, purchase, operation co-ordination, accounts and HR teams have been created along the walls with an additional breakout area. The sales team has been placed behind the meeting room while the design team holds the space behind the reception area. The former sits beneath a motivational info-graphic while colourful graphics have been painted along the wall for the design team. To facilitate the design brief, a central conference room with glass panels was designed with an open, industrial ceiling. The conference room has a rustic, yet contemporary touch to it. The hardwood flooring, gypsum ceiling, wood laminate table and brick-lined wallpaper coalesce to create an atmosphere conducive for work. While the TV adds a fun element, the potted plants complement the earthy tones with their greens.

The CEO's cabin along the back is the only enclosed space, other than the meeting room. With the addition of glass panels and doors, the theme of transparency continues, making it an official room with an open design.

Effective add-ons
The large bay windows allow the ample Dubai sunlight to enter the space. This natural illumination ensures energy efficiency and liveliness in the office. The closed conference with grid ceiling lights gives the compartmentalised areas a bright and positive feeling. The designers have used down lights and spotlights in the conference room, track lighting across the passageways, and cove lights with an LED flat panel lamp in the CEO's cabin.

Dull browns, greys and whites dominate the palette. To break the monotony, bold and bright colours have been used occasionally across the expanse. Orange patches on the floor light up against the matte grey carpet, colourful frames decorate the walls, bright red pipes run through the ceiling and colourful furniture dots the place while adding significantly to the décor.

The breakout zone, though small, is unique in its design. The table and benches have been made from recycled wood pellets in the company's own factory and the TV and bright coloured cushion seats add the right amount of funk to the place. Overall the office is rectangular with a roughly industrial look that harbours team-spirit and collective synergies. Smart planning shows the expertise of the designer in creating a workspace that is inclusive, with a strong individual character.

Total Area: 2,100 sq ft
Total Cost: AED 30,00,000
photos: Vector Design

Vector Design LLC,
P. O. Box : 115 601, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971-4552 1419

Meet the designer
Seema Machado
Firm: Vector Design; 1997
Firm specialisation: Design and commercial fit outs.
Design philosophy: We think out of the box.
Philosophy towards life: Life is short, make the best of it.
Favourite architect/Designer: Foster + Partner