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February, 2016


A 4-bedroom apartment in the lanes of South Mumbai uses plush textures and exquisite tones, worthy of the dweller.
When structural changes have been limited and a list of requisites passed along, creating a masterpiece seems a tough task. And yet, Architect Nina Puri of Nina Puri Architects managed to create a luxurious, spacious home with minimal clutter and low maintenance in the coveted by-lanes of Mumbai.
To stick to the brief extended by the clients, the award-winning team of designers maximised the spatial quality of the space to a great extent, stuck to one colour palette and utilised minimal materials that enhanced simplicity. With the aesthetics being minimal and elegant, they drew a linear design over the house.

Materials matter
Although the apartment was a 4 BHK with a terrace, the architect had to create a fifth bedroom for one of the elders in the family, and since most of the walls were RCC walls, the scope for structural changes was minimal. The slightly out-of-place terrace was blended into the rest of the flat through the use of the same grey-brown colour palette as the interiors. Wood tiling and stone flooring accompanied by rough plastered walls and granite, further highlighted by the soft mood lighting, embraced the terrace as an extension of the apartment.

Lifted spirits
Stepping out of the lift, the first thing to catch the eye is the grandeur of the entrance lobby. Being one flat per floor, this large space was converted into an extension of the house and well utilised for servants and storage. A panel of futuristic floor-length mirrors created in a corrugated, almost angular fashion, is juxtaposed by the grey travertine stone streaked with hints of taupe and dark, interlocking wooden panels. The lights play hide and seek within the ceiling folds throwing subtle patterns onto the floor while the rest of the walls are enrobed in a metallic grey finish. The perfect addition, an abstract Buddha statuette along the wall doubles up as a lighting fixture and complies with the traditions of the family.

Polished tastes
The living room is the literal core of the house. This space follows a contrasting undertone with respect to its materials and make. White Lasa marble flooring contrasts the dark wood which is further offset by textured granite along the walls. While dark wood in a matte finish has been cancelled by biscuit-toned lamination, the leather on the sofa contrasts the linen-fabricated dining chairs. The charm of the living room lies in its simplicity as the use of both, rough and polished materials en masse, makes it unique and interesting.

The interiors of the low-maintenance kitchen are in sync with the rest of the house. Barring the marble flooring, this space too is dictated by clean lines and class. Each element of the kitchen, be it the walls, flooring or appliances, has been selected for its metallic hue.

Indirect daylight and mood lighting accompanied by pedestal and hanging lights illuminate the house.

Room for all
Each room of the grid-shaped home has one specific colour palette which is in sync with the preferences of the person occupying it. The attached bathrooms also carry forward the individuality. The master bedroom uses black leather for the bed, metallic greys on the walls, and hints of tangerine in the fabrics, decorative elements and paintings. An onyx basin, mirror panels and Grigio thermo marble find their way into the master bathroom.

The son´s room has a vibrant cobalt blue back-wall offsetting a black leather settee along with white polycoated furniture and slim dark mirror frames. His cloakroom had to cater specifically to his needs. It was treated with strong golden Potrero marble and a wall in backlit onyx while the basin continued the same material in a golden hue.

The daughter´s room boasts of a soft rose-bud pink over the walls, accompanied by a glossy photo montage of her personal images. The dressing room poses a contrast with its pastel mint hue and dark wood strips in varied thickness gradiations. Her washroom carries forward the same shade, accented with a customised Palladio mosaic in an innovative pattern combing peach, pink, grey and white colours. The last room, of the grandparents, consists of mostly white and washed out teal, complemented by dark wooden screens with a laser cut elliptical pattern alongside the bed and behind the glossy consoles by the windows. Their powder room embodies a cozy brown shade, and a unique mirror panel over metallic tiles that enhance the light effect in the area.

This delicate, yet opulent house rides upon a fusion of contemporary and modern interiors that mirror the maker and the members.

Total Area: 2,000 sq ft
photos: Sebastian Zachariah

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What´s HOT and What´s NOT?
Simplicity is always in, Overdoing is not.

Meet the Architect
Nina Puri
Firm: Nina Puri Architects
Firm specialisation: Residential Interiors
Design philosophy: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication
Philosophy towards life: Forgive and Forget
Favourite architect/Designer: Frank Lloyd Wright, Santiago Calatrava, Mies Van Der Rohe