Firstword (Feb2016)

February, 2016


Whilst French President Frantois Holland and Prime Minister Modi recently signed agreements to develop Indian cities, preferring ones that had a French connection, Milan, with a very unique project is the highlight of this issue.

It“s a church built in the 18th century which now holds the modern four-storey studio office of CLS Architetti within its structure. The brainchild of architect Massimilano Locatelli, it“s an iron structure which does not touch the walls of the church, offers a view of the frescos in the church from all floors, and to top it all, is open to the public. A rare feat indeed!

One night in Bangkoką no, it“s not the song, but a restaurant by PSP Architects in Bengaluru that recreates the complete ambience of a dive bar in Bangkok, with artefacts, graphics, bar et al. In Jaipur, the Crowne Plaza, is a literal jewel in the Pink City. Newly opened, with over 200 rooms, it is subtle and sophisticated, with restaurants following the theme of the cuisine. And in Dubai, the inhouse team at Vector Designs creates a workspace for themselves that is completely open, fosters teamwork and yet offers privacy.

Architect Rohit Sringeri talks about old school experiences impacting thinking and speaks about traditional materials being used in a modern context to bring out the best kind of interiors; while Architect Nina Puri works wonders with a South Mumbai home using subtle tones and contrasting materials to create a home that is uniform in its sleek elegance, as it is deeply individualistic.

With energy efficiency being a key concept in smart planning, experts shed light on
the choices the industry has to offer – in LED lights, home automation and more.

Great design, like that of Chandigarh and Puducherry - cities that the French are
working with now - is that which never goes out of style… on.