Fashioned to impress

March, 2016


Japanese firm Nendo gives the women´s fashion floor at a local department store a young vibe with a mobile amusement park themed design.
A department store with a ´mobile amusement park´ theme sounds like a fun idea. It became an instant pick-me-up for design firm Nendo as it got down to designing the women´s fashion floor at the Seibu Shibuya department store in Japan. Given the ´Compolux´ floor of the store that followed a European park layout and connected with the women´s fashion floor through a walk way, the unique theme became an instant hit.

Colour craze
It was mandatory to make the transition from other areas of the store to the fashion floor a smooth affair. Targeting the young customer, the ambience of the floor is kept casual with a monotone colour scheme. The blue on the ceiling combined with wood add accent to the place as the wood helps enhance the colour. The most interesting piece of design here is in sales area, which is inspired by a circus tent. To further accentuate the theme, the collections by various brands are arranged to give the impression of market stalls while the fixtures on the accessory floor are inspired by wagons.

Floor tour
The flooring design is another appealing element of the décor. The flooring scheme of the ´Compolux´ uses grey plastic floor tiles that are laid out in herringbone pattern. The designers made the same colour change gently using the gradation effect along the passage that connects the annex and the main building. In the ´key to style´ area, they enhanced the contrast of the colours of the plastic floor tiles by incorporating striped patterns.

The sales area surrounds the escalator, around which a circular line is formed for people to walk through. Cross shaped passages that run diagonally are added to this area in order to improve the flow of people and create a line of sight. Beautifully enhancing the design of the Compolux and adding another dimension to the department store, Nendo´s designers have created yet another inspiring place that enhances the shopping experience.