Scandanavian Influences

April, 2016


Delhi-based Ansa Interiors transform a home into a Scandinavian masterpiece. Inspiration for design can come from unexpected quarters. In the case of this residence, designed by Ansa Interiors, the design inspiration originates from the deep recesses of history´ namely the early 20th century Scandinavian era. Houses in this era portrayed a democratic design, were easily accessible and had an aura of affordable beauty. This Scandinavian design concept of ´beautiful things that make your life better´ is reconfigured in this spectacular house, outfitted by Ankush Aggarwal, Principal Architect, Ansa Interiors.

Space in this contemporary abode flows like water, delineating functional areas and fusing them together at the same time. For instance the living room flows into the dining area and family lounge while the kitchen has neatly aligned pantry, wet area and breakfast counter. The Scandinavian theme courses effortlessly through the bedrooms, too.

Practical couture
To create a mermerising environment for the guests, time honoured chandeliers have been installed in the living area, while the décor sports a touch of grey and blue for neutral effect. The large windows instantly connect you with nature.

The design team maintained its focus on the architectural elements of the family areas of the house and thereby reinforced a modern sensibility to the interiors. The kitchen has been placed closer to the dining and bar areas for better expediency. The master bedroom, boasting maturity in its herringbone wooden flooring, embroidered carpet, leather panelled wall and a spirited interpretation of grandfather´s relaxer, reminds you of long-forgotten simplicity. This room has a king-sized bed and his-and-her wardrobes that demarcate the bathroom space, which flaunts twin vanities.

Material effect
The design elements used in this project are inspired by nature. The designers have carefully selected each element for its high quality and sophistication without the overwhelming tone of heaviness.

The materials used for the interiors include Italian tiles and mosaics for the bathroom. Dated features that bring out the Scandinavian theme comprise a rough brick wall painted in white with accent colours like olive green added to the wood veneers for that old world feel in the bedroom. The plethora of seashell accessories creates the impression of walking on the beach. The second bedroom has white deco in keeping with its old parameters.

Lighting up
The lighting is delightfully clever. LED has been used in the entire house as it is eco-friendly. The design scheme for lights is amicable yet dramatic. It combines a layer of illuminations in the dining area, drawling lights in the shelves, ceiling LED, decorative chandeliers, dimmers and occupancy sensors as well as Programmable Scene Controllers pre-set with different lighting themes. The different functional categories of light ´ ambient, task, accent and decorative ´ are in layers, creating a spectacular view.

This house exemplifies the maxim of old-world-charm-meets-modern-sensibility. The unusual Scandinavian inspiration of the interiors comes as a breath of fresh air for design enthusiasts.

Total Area: 5,200 sq ft
Text: Latika Ratti

Ansa Interiors, 12 Community Centre, 2nd Floor, Mayapuri Phase I,
New Delhi, Delhi 110 064
Tel: (0)98110 14609.
Meet the designer
Ankush Aggarwal
Firm: Ansa Interiors founded in 2003.
Firm specialisation: Challenging the conventional notions and making every project a landmark in the field of design.
Design philosophy: ´Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication´ as quoted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Favourite architect/Designer: Dale Chihuly glass artist. The way he transfuses life into something lifeless like glass is praiseworthy.