Buzz (June 2016)

June, 2016


Ganga cleaning
An Indian-origin student Vedhant Maharaj from the University of the Witwatersrand has won a prestigious award in South Africa for developing a safe water purification infrastructure model to clean the Ganga River using Varanasi“s architectural principles. Exploring water infrastructure which provides water that is safe for human consumption while respecting the rich architectural heritage of Varanasi in India, we wish this project sees the light of the day soon!

Smart Bhavan
IBM is giving the Rashtrapati Bhavan a digital makeover through its smart city solutions. The company will focus on helping the estate manage its existing infrastructure and utilities, especially waste, energy, water and security, more efficiently.

eToilets in Chennai
Over 180 self-cleaning public eToilets have been installed in Chennai and they can be located through an Android app called eToilet. Through it, Chennai residents can find toilets on the map, rate them, offer feedback and even suggest new places where they should be installed. Isn“t that cool?

History museum
The recent fire that gutted Delhi“s National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) may have destroyed its iconic building too. Apparently the fire has weakened the building“s structure and it is now unsafe for use. Sad.

First design hotel
Chennai got its first design hotel designed by Pronit Nath for jnSTa Hotels & Resorts. The interiors of the 26-room hotel seamlessly connect past and present international design movements to the timeless local traditions of South India. Four distinct contemporary art styles dominate the design on each floor which is an infusion of South Indian Art/ Architecture, namely - Ati, Maya, Rooh and Nunya.